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News, angle and artefact advice for Google Associate Arrangement advertisers and publishers.

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Introducing the Google Associate Arrangement Accomplice Marketplace

Wednesday, September 7, 2011 | 10:16 AM

Labels: Features, New Features

Earlier this month, we launched the Google Associate Arrangement Accomplice Marketplace, which appearance companies who can advice our advertisers and publishers accomplish associate business goals and abound the associate channel.

Today we’d like to highlight the two types of accomplice offerings that can advice advertisers and publishers accomplish the a lot of of their associate marketing:

Accoutrement to advice Google Associate Arrangement advertisers and publishers administer and abound their program. These accomplice accoutrement can advice you with things like abstracts feeds, advertisement feeds, pay-per-call, associate in abundance coupons, hotlink monetization and tracking videos.

Agencies (also referred to as Outsourced Affairs Managers) to accommodate affairs administration casework for Google Associate Arrangement advertisers.

Partners are alleged based on their alive accord with the Google Associate Arrangement and the amount they can accommodate to our advertisers and publishers. Abounding of the companies in the Accomplice Marketplace authenticate ability in the pay-per-performance channel, advice their barter advance avant-garde and artistic solutions at scale, and accommodate training and abutment resources.

Please analysis out the Accomplice Marketplace if you are absorbed in alive with any of these partners!

Posted by Jamie Ross, Associate Arrangement Strategist

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Third Anniversary Fast-A-Thon

Wednesday, August 31, 2011 | 9:34 AM

Labels: Google Associate Arrangement Team

One in seven humans common will go to bed athirst tonight... and the Google Associate Arrangement team, capital to do something about it, so on August 18th, some of the aggregation went athirst for a day to accession over $4,000 for the Apple Aliment Affairs USA.

The Google Associate Arrangement aggregation abutting 600 Googlers from nine offices about the apple for one of our bigger fund-raising contest ever, the third anniversary Fast-A-Thon. In the name of ache relief, participants abstained from aliment and baptize from sun-up until backward afternoon, with some breaking their fast in the Ramadan attitude of dates and ablaze snacks. Through acceptable donations from friends, family, and the Google agent Gift-Match, over $100,000 was donated to aid the ache crisis in the horn of Africa.

This altruistic accident was a absurd befalling for the aggregation to appear calm (with stomachs growling) to accession money and abutment a abundant cause.

Written by Emily Hotz, Annual Management

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Our software appliance guidelines explained

Wednesday, August 24, 2011 | 8:18 AM

Labels: Arrangement Quality

Two years ago today, we appear new Google Associate Arrangement software appliance guidelines to bigger assure the interests of our users, advertisers, and publishers. These behavior are abiding in the acceptance that applications should enhance the user acquaintance and never baffle with the user’s best or acquirement path.

Google Associate Network’s publishers accept apparent abundant innovation, architecture advantageous applications, toolbars, and browser extensions that annual their users and drive superior conversions for advertisers. All accustomed applications go through a software review, area our Arrangement Superior aggregation thoroughly tests all submissions and anniversary of their updates.

Our guidelines advice ensure that applications don’t accountable users to awful or artful behavior, or actualize baseless commissions for advertisers. They aswell advice anticipate software from automatically co-opting commissions from added publishers. A lot of notably, these behavior crave users to accede afore redirecting them through Google Associate Arrangement links.

In the two years aback we appear our adapted guidelines, our Arrangement Superior aggregation has advised and accustomed dozens of new software applications and updates. We wish to acknowledge our publishers for applying these guidelines to their applications, and attending advanced to the connected advance of the absolute associate ecosystem.

Posted by Matt Dougherty, Arrangement Quality

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Join us at Associate Summit East

Thursday, August 18, 2011 | 1:19 PM

Labels: Events

The Google Associate Arrangement aggregation is aflame to accompany our adolescent associate marketers at Associate Summit East from August 21-23, 2011 at Hilton New York.

At the conference, you'll accept the befalling to apprehend from our artefact administration team. Abounding associates of our annual administration aggregation will aswell be on duke to accommodated with our admired advertisers, publishers and partners. Accomplish abiding to stop by the Google berth to accommodated the aggregation and aces up a brace of attack to abrasion about the Exhibit Hall.

Affiliate Summit East

Google Associate Network

Booth #216 and 218

map »

See you soon!

Posted by Erica Sievert, Artefact Business Manager

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New attending for Google Associate Network's website

Thursday, August 4, 2011 | 8:22 AM

Labels: Advertisers, Features, Artefact Releases, Publishers

This week, we launched a new attending for Google Associate Network's website. In accession to a active design, we've added new appearance to accommodate you with beginning artefact updates, educational resources, success stories, and more.

New features:

Accomplice Marketplace

Advertiser success belief

Administrator success stories

Featured publishers

Throughout the website, you'll acquisition assorted belief of advertisers, publishers and ally who accept succeeded with Google Associate Network. We achievement they affect you and that you'll allotment your adventure with us, too.

Check out the new website and acquaint us what you think!

Posted by Erica Sievert, Artefact Business Manager

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Advertiser Home and Letters Page Updates

Thursday, July 28, 2011 | 4:00 PM

Labels: Advertisers

Today, we’re advertisement two new improvements to the Google Associate Arrangement Advertiser interface. We accept adapted the Advertiser Home to advice you accept your associate affairs added calmly and see the latest arrangement announcements. We accept aswell adapted Advertiser Letters with added able-bodied features, including fast-loading graphs to accord you a added abundant beheld overview of your program’s performance.

Here's a attending at the new Advertiser Home:

Watch the video beneath to apprentice added about the Advertiser Home and airing through the adapted features:

Key Advertiser Home updates include:

Achievement Summary: High-level affairs performance, including key indicators aggregated based on pre-selected timeframes (e.g. ages to date). You’ll aswell see metrics for advantageous publishers, administrator fees, Google fees, and more.

Arrangement Stats: Includes your 7-day and 3-month balance per bang metric (EPC) as able-bodied as your program’s arrangement rank.

Top Publishers: Top 10 publishers in your program, ranked by sales.

Year over year sales performance: Get a quick appearance of absolute sales performance, forth with a year over year about-face to see how your affairs is trending.

Customizable widgets: Tailor your Home page to what is a lot of accordant for your program. You can acclimatize the date ambit of the advertisement widgets and adapt the order, based on your preferences.

Announcements: Never absence an advertisement -- acquisition all accepted network-wide announcements including the Google Associate Arrangement blog, as able-bodied as our a lot of contempo Twitter updates.

We accept aswell launched an bigger Advertiser Letters page. Top akin appearance and enhancements include:

Beheld representation of achievement through fast-loading graphs and customizable axes

Enhanced clarification options

Bigger speed

Export options now cover .csv and .txt

Here’s a appearance of the new Advertiser Letters page:

Additional information:

Use the date picker on the appropriate ancillary of the page to baddest pre-selected date ranges (e.g. endure 7 days, ages to date, endure abounding month) or accept your own custom date range.

Accumulation abstracts into adapted time anatomy (day, week, month, etc.) with the drop-down in the abode results.

Baddest Switch to Classic Adaptation to appearance advertisement on our bequest platform

Note: Saved letters are alone accessible in the Classic adaptation at this time.

Sign in to your Advertiser annual now to appearance the adapted Home and Letters pages. If you accept questions or comments, amuse abide your acknowledgment as you use these new features. We plan on convalescent our user acquaintance based on your comments.

Posted by Kurt Spoerer, Senior Artefact Manager

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Google eBooks Associate affairs - Open for business

Thursday, June 16, 2011 | 12:31 PM

Reposted from Inside Google Books blog by Pratip Banerji, Artefact Manager, Google Books team.

Retailers, bloggers, book publishers and added website owners in the U.S. can now become Google eBooks affiliates. Affiliates can hotlink to Google eBooks on their sites for any of the hundreds of bags of titles accessible for sale, earning a agency for apropos sales to the Google eBookstore.

We launched the affairs as a bound beta in December with our aboriginal affiliate, Goodreads. Goodreads is a amusing annual site, who afterwards acceptable an associate was able to accredit their ardent book annual admirers to the Google eBookstore. If Goodreads users buy a Google eBook, they’re accepting actual admission to their book and acknowledging Goodreads in the process.

Starting today, we allure all absorbed website owners to administer to accompany the broadcast Google eBooks associate program. Participating sites accretion new acquirement streams by giving their book-reading audiences an simple way to buy Google eBooks.

Google eBooks affiliates become allotment of the Google Associate Arrangement (GAN). Afterwards abutting GAN, you can subscribe to the Google eBooks artefact augment to get links to the abounding set of accessible Google eBooks. If you wish to concern a added targeted set of ebooks you can use the new Google Books APIs.

For added advice and to assurance up to be a Google eBooks affiliate, amuse appointment our accomplice Advice Center here.

Minggu, 10 April 2011

Use StumbleUpon to Access Web Traffic

StumbleUpon is a accepted amusing bookmarking site. Currently it has over 15 actor users and the amount is on the rise. It is absolutely chargeless to join. If you assurance up you will be presented with a apparatus bar. Install it on your browser. All above browsers are supported. You can access web cartage to your website or to you blog decidedly if you chase the accomplish listed below. Humans everywhere await on this ability to access web cartage to their site.

Now the catechism is how you can use StumbleUpon to your benefit. If you assurance up, you will acquisition that StumbleUpon has a advocacy system. The advocacy arrangement is based aloft the claimed alternative of users. If they like your blog or web page they will acclaim it by beat on deride up. If you wish that others acclaim your blog or web page you will accept to acclaim theirs. This is the way amusing bookmarking works. You accept to accord some to get some in return. This is actual important affection of StumbleUpon to get traffic.

Follow the accomplish categorical beneath to become successful.

1. Actualize one Category per StumbleUpon account. You can actualize abounding StumbleUpon accounts, one for anniversary email address.

2. StumbleUpon allows you to actualize your own amusing book appearance page. You can accept accompany who accept agnate absorption as yours. For archetype if you accept accounting an eBook on Forex trading, you baddest accompany who are absorbed in Forex trading. StumbleUpon has appropriate absorption groups. Accompany a accumulation in your niche. It is an accomplished antecedent to access web traffic.

The added accompany you acquisition in your niche, the added targeted cartage you get.

3. Appointment the websites recommended by others and accomplish your landing page agnate to an already accepted landing page. This doesn't betoken that you archetype others. Be original. Accepted web pages can be begin by award what others accept recommended in the past.

4. Baddest the appellation carefully. It is the a lot of absorption avaricious allotment of your web page. It attracts the a lot of absorption and it should accommodate the keywords you are targeting.

5. Advertise with StumbleUpon. It is the cheapest commercial resource. Go to and acquisition added about commercial options. It costs 5 cents per targeted visitor.

You will apprehension an access in web cartage to your site. It is abundant added able compared to anyone who is appointment the website for free.

It takes a while to get the attack to work. Be accommodating and afterwards some tweaking it is traveling to work.

In brief, actualize acceptable agreeable and challenge already acknowledged StumbleUpon sites. The key to success is to body a website that humans wish to StumbleUpon. With some planning and tweaking as you go along, you can accomplish this bookmarking website a accessible accession to your business plan.

Article Source:

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Label: Amusing Bookmarking

Jumat, 25 Februari 2011

Backlink Energizer Review

Each day, you actualize backlinks to rank your website higher. Yet one accurate agency you should yield into appliance is, even you congenital 10000 backlinks, but none of them indexed on seek engine. Now what's the point? Your annoying job is now pointless! Now how to get all of your links accepting indexed? There's so abundant programs out there to advice humans like us, afresh again, endure month, I access some admirable accoutrement alleged "Backlink Energizer". So what on apple this so alleged Backlink Energizer do?

Backlink Energizer is created by Steve Aylor. This being is so fantastic! He with his accumulation created actual acceptable band-aid with actual acceptable cost! Backlink Energizer is a WordPress Plugin that appointment RSS augment online writing to your own selections of Web 2.0 Sites or aka Clusters. The clusters contains, Vox, Posterous, Blogspot, Multiply, LiveJournal, TypePad and a cocky hosted WordPress blog. Inside the RSS augment content, contains your backlinks Url. As a result, if seek engine bots spider to all these agreeable material, it will anon appraise our backlink as well. Afresh your links will get indexed! Simple right?

Why Backlink Energizer is Superb?

You can bureaucracy it actual fast. It is straightforward

You don't accept to buy added cher debris tools

You do not crave developer's API such as others plugin to column RSS Augment to Web 2.0

How Backlink Energizer Works? The System

To alpha with, actualize 1 WordPress platforms sites. You can bureaucracy it on subdomain or buy agglomeration of site, install WordPress there.

Then install. Afterwards that, amount Backlink Energizer. Put RSS website url and keywords. It does not amount if keywords and URL is not accordant to your niche. This is just for content.

Then artlessly ample up the web 2.0 profiles (AKA Clusters) with username and password.

Then amount up all of your backlinks you wish to basis into BE.

Specify how abounding online writing and backlinks you wish to bury anniversary day. My settings is, put 12 posts per day with 4 URL.

Energize links now!

Wait and see the results.

The tests with Backlink Energizer:

The a lot of hardest affair to get basis is contour links. No amount how harder I test, ping url, deliver to all over rss augment aggregator, the aback links still not found. So abundant affliction and adversity afterwards accomplishing harder works. 1st, I created 9 Web 2.0 sites. (If you are too apathetic to actualize nine web 2.0 sites, afresh you can adjustment BE BLISS with Steve Aylor) Afresh set up it on BE. Just charge to ascribe username and password. Afresh I access all contour links I accept created earlier, all 200 links, afresh abide to BE WordPress plugin. I set 12 posts with four hyperlinks submitted in anniversary post. That's 48 links activated everyday. In four days, all aback links completed and processed. Afresh I delay for 2 weeks to let Google Bots indexed into my content. At last, actuality is the result. I'm absolutely afflicted with this abundant tools! You apperceive what? 180 from 200 backlinks begin on Yahoo! I verify at Backlink Watch, 50 contour links is indexed and accepting added day afterwards day! What a activity saver. The Backlink Energizer WordPress plugin rocks. Up to now, the quickest accoutrement for backlink indexation I accept anytime paid for.

Source :

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Google associate network

google associate arrangement 300x160 Google associate networkThe Google associate arrangement will acquiesce you to put ads on your page and get paid by Google every time anyone clicks on those ads.

The ads will be automatically adapted to the agreeable on the page to access both accommodation and bang through rate. If you accept for archetype a website out pond Google will appearance ads about bathe suits, pond acquaint or added accompanying articles or services.

It is important to apperceive that the money you accept for anniversary bang alter abundantly depending on the ad on which the company clicked.

If for archetype you are accepting assorted Google ad blocks on your website the ads with the accomplished amount for the advertisers and the accomplished payout for you will all be apparent in the aboriginal block. The acumen for this is simple. Google knows that the aboriginal ad block usually gets the a lot of clicks. It is appropriately in everyone’s absorption that the advertisers that pay the a lot of get the a lot of clicks.

Google associate arrangement – accepting accepted

The Google associate arrangement is a part of the newbie friendliest around. All you charge is a Google annual and ample out the appliance and automatically you will get accustomed to the network. Amuse agenda that you are not accustomed to accept added than one account. For this acumen you should stick to the Google associate arrangement agreement of annual and not do annihilation brainless to accident you account.

How to get kicked out of the Google associate network

Here is a abrupt annual of things you should never do if you wish to accumulate your amalgamation with Google intact:

• Click-jacking which agency accepting bots or scripts bang ad your ads to actualize acquirement for you

• Place ads beneath images so humans don’t see that they bang on ads

• Mixing in developed agreeable to get added visitors

• Beat on your own ads or pay anyone to do this

• Placing ads in auto-generated content

Note that Google has become a lot smarter over the years apropos bang fraud. If you anticipate you can fool the Google associate arrangement with a adjustment they accept not heard about you are wrong.

Yes, you ability be able to get abroad with cheating Google out of a few hundred dollars. But already your assets hits a assertive beam Google will manually analysis all your sites and if they acquisition annihilation they don’t like your associate annual will be deleted faster than you can imagine.

Earning with the Google associate network

The key to big balance with the Google associate arrangement is the appropriate ad placement. Place one big ad blog at the top, appropriate beneath the aeronautics card and addition one to the larboard area humans apprehend to see a annual of the pages. Blend your ads into your content.

While you don’t wish to fool your visitors so aswell don’t wish them to be ever acquainted about the actuality that they are beat on ads.

Customize the colors of the ads to clothing the blush of your homepage. This will appearance the ads and accomplish you website attending a lot beneath spammy.

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Posted by admin - June 19, 2011 at 4:54 pm

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