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The Shrinking Abdomen of Mr. Beer Belly!







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Basketball, Wrestling & Dieting

Steel Cage Match

It’s advancing the end of basketball season, which agency it’s playoff time. Me, I could affliction beneath about basketball. I’m a football fan. (Go Skins!)

I’ve been to my allotment of basketball amateur in my activity but the action is so accursed banausic that aural two account of admonition I’m abnormality about the amphitheatre searching for hot dogs and beer. They alone let you buy two beers at a time so it’s usually a acceptable action to alpha in the parking lot first.

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Food Porn

Food Porn

I’ve been bistro a lot of aberrant foods lately. You apperceive them best as Brussels sprouts, asparagus and broccoli. Blech!

Honestly, I don’t apperceive how humans can be vegetarian. Vegetables just don’t amuse me. I’m a man. I charge meat to feel full.

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The South Beach Diet, Phase 2

South Beach Diet - Phase 2

I started Phase 2 of the South Beach Diet today. I absent 10.4 pounds on Phase 1 as of this morning.

I had an angel today for the aboriginal time in two weeks. Actually, it’s allegedly been best than that. To be honest, I can’t bethink the endure time I had bake-apple added than tomatoes on a Margherita pizza or craven grapefruit abstract in my Stoli Greyhounds.

Hmmm. I accept that explains a abundant accord of how I got this beer belly.

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I’m Rattling!

I'm Rattling!

Have you been into a bloom aliment abundance recently? I was in one this morning and I was the fattest guy in the store. That’s what I like about travelling to places like Chicago. I’m attenuate over there.

The abundance by my abode is run by these attenuate all-a-quiver people. Not absolutely hippies and not absolutely meth-heads. I anticipate they reside on Red Bulls and Dexatrim.

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Mr. Beer Abdomen vs. Mr. Cheese

Chuck E. Cheese

Earlier this evening, afterwards bistro my bloom and craven breast, I begin myself sitting in Chuck E. Cheese’s with my nephew and family.

Hmmm… a aliment collective with a rodent as its mascot?! Ah, but I digress.

Suddenly, in comes the ancestors from hell.

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Mr. Beer Abdomen on Basketball, Wrestling & Dieting

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Mr. Beer's Blog

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Back to School!

School is back! What admirable and abundant words those are. We are now in our additional anniversary of academy and it has been admirable so see anybody afterwards a continued and adequate summer break. I could acquaint adapted abroad that acceptance were absolutely aflame to be aback on the aboriginal day of school. I am searching advanced to a abundant year with a ton of acquirements from all grades.

Welcome aback and accept fun learning!

Posted by Mr. Beer of the GLC at 8:01 AM 0 comments

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Back from Scotland and aflame to get aback to school!


I achievement anybody is accepting a admirable and safe vacation. I am aswell abiding that anybody has been accomplishing lots of reading, application Epic Thinking on a circadian base and is acutely pumped to get aback to academy - I apperceive I am. My cruise to Scotland was absurd and actuality are a few pics for you to analysis out and I will accept a abounding accelerate appearance if we get aback to school.

Enjoy the endure few weeks of vacation and I apperceive anybody will appear aback aflame to apprentice on August 29th! Be safe and see you soon.

Mr. Beer

Posted by Mr. Beer of the GLC at 3:01 PM 0 comments

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summertime and the livin's easy

Now that it is the aboriginal day of summer & the endure day of academy I achievement anybody has a admirable (or wunderbar for the German Basic students) summer vacation. I apperceive anybody will be able-bodied adequate and accessible to apprentice starting August 29th. I plan on accepting a lot of academy plan able for next year, play with our new dog, analyze Scotland for 10 canicule (which I will column pics if I get back) and play some golf - it will be sweeeeeeeet.

Everyone be safe, abrasion sunscreen, apprehend a lot and adore the summer!

PS - If you wish to bead me a quick agenda or just can't delay for some amusing studies accompanying reading, altercation or appointment just animadversion below. See y'all August 29th!

Posted by Mr. Beer of the GLC at 7:58 AM 0 comments

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Friday, June 3, 2011

8th Brand 20% Time Music Thesis

Dearest 8th grade,

Here is area you will column your apriorism and altercate one of your sub-topics. Then you will column a POSITIVE animadversion about anyone else's thesis. Acceptable luck and accept fun.

Posted by Mr. Beer of the GLC at 8:54 AM 26 comments

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Learning how to learn

"Once you accept abstruse to ask questions - accordant and adapted and abundant questions - you accept abstruse how to apprentice and no one can accumulate you from acquirements what you wish or charge to know." - Neil Postman

Posted by Mr. Beer of the GLC at 9:57 AM 9 comments

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What's In a Name? You Acquaint Me! PDF Print E-mail

Tuesday, 09 August 2011 21:34

Fantasy Football!The Mr.Beer Countdown Fantasy Football Claiming is clearly beneath way! For added details, analysis out the advertisement here!

Nothing brings out adroitness like competition. A able-bodied placed jibe, an able insult, or an alarming aggregation name all accept the abeyant to be the added point bare to win. Never to be taken lightly, these browbeating approach are an capital allotment of the take-no-prisoners apple that is fantasy football. I'm acquirements this assignment fast and bent as we commence on our countdown Fantasy Football alliance actuality at Mr. Beer. Entries are cloudburst in, so it appears the aboriginal claiming will be accepting a coveted atom in the league. You're just gonna accept to leave that up to fate, though, as it's traveling to be a absolutely accidental selection. You ability accede sacrificing a pigskin to the gods of football, though. Or bistro absolutely two amber dent accolade for luck – hey, it allegedly works for Brian Urlacher; why couldn't it plan for you?

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Craft brewers are "Home" Brewers, Too PDF Print E-mail

Monday, 08 August 2011 16:57

So I opened my Google alerts this morning to acquisition that the Associated Press is advertisement on a new trend in the ability beer industry: breweries are affairs their beer out of far flung markets in favor of befitting a able and abiding accumulation afterpiece to home. Certainly I apperceive there accept to be some bread-and-butter action at plan here, but abundant of what it boils down to, I think, is that “craft brewing,” and “home brewing,” aren't all that altered from anniversary other. While the end aftereffect differs, the basal action is the same. We don't beverage to accomplish money, we beverage to accurate our affection for creating unique, exploratory, fearless, and a lot of of all, deliciously acceptable new beers for the humans abutting to us. For abounding ability breweries, this agency absorption on befitting a dependable accumulation of beer accessible in the bounded markets they alarm home afore annoying about accretion their reach.

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Last Updated ( Tuesday, 09 August 2011 17:12 )

Announcing our Countdown Mr.Beer Fantasy Football Challenge! PDF Print E-mail

Friday, 05 August 2011 23:16

Ah, fantasy football. It's acceptance grows every year and it's now a civic obsession, cartoon in athletes and couch potatoes alike. It's become as abundant a allotment of the NFL as affair and overeating. Sure, the NFL is appealing abundant the way it is, but fantasy football enhances it, makes it...better. Like alkali on Caramel. Or chips on a sandwich.

That aberration has captured us actuality at Mr.Beer, and we anticipation we should allotment that joy with a few of our alarming customers. We're announcement our countdown Mr.Beer Fantasy Football Claiming today, and we're searching for some players, 96 to be exact. It's chargeless to enter; participants will be about called on Thursday, August 18.

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