one stop travel insurance one stop travel insurance

one stop travel insurance

one stop travel insurance

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One stop biking insurance

One stop biking insurance

one stop biking insurance

Introduce you to the one stop biking insurance

Travel allowance is important because it protects travelers if abrupt affairs action afterwards they’ve appointed and paid for their trip. The allowance helps travelers if they accept to abolish their vacation affairs because of claimed situations or errors on the allotment of biking agencies and airlines. This allowance aswell safeguards travelers if emergencies appear already they adeptness their destination. Biking agencies and companies that specialize in biking insurance, such as Biking Guard, accommodate altered behavior for travelers.

There are all types of problems that could get in your way of a abundant vacation, that is just life. But you ambition to be able for all cases. You could run into bad acclimate afore a flight, character theft, accept a bloom emergency and the account goes on. CSA Biking Aegis and Travelex are a brace companies that assume to accommodate some absolutely acceptable advantage for all your needs.

With one stop biking allowance can action you the allowance you charge at a amount you can afford. You can acquirement the allowance action absolutely calmly and simple online; the aggregation caters to those who are UK residents. One Stop Biking Allowance offers altered types of biking allowance policies; it helps to be accustomed with what your options are so that you can aces the biking allowance that is a lot of acceptable for you.

Most accepted biking allowance behavior will alone ensure assertive activities or sports. If a accurate action or action is not listed on the biking allowance policy, afresh it is not covered; should you get afflicted while affianced in an action that is not covered beneath the policy, you will not get any admonition from the allowance agency. Accomplish a account of which activities you intend to be appoint or complex in while on vacation and accomplish abiding you accept advantage for these activities.

One stop biking allowance covers:

Lost Medication

People whose accoutrements absolute their medication is absent or baseborn can ample emergency prescriptions because of one stop biking allowance .

Identification and Cash

Travel allowance is important if people’s passports and wallets are absent or stolen. The allowance helps travelers alter absent identification and get emergency cash.

Medical Emergencies

Travel allowance covers medical emergencies, accidents and treatments that may action on a cruise to a adopted country.

Acts of Nature and Terrorism

Travel allowance covers money humans blow if they accept to abandon their vacation area due to astringent acclimate like hurricanes, typhoons or tsunamis. If travelers ambition to abolish their cruise because a agitator attach occurred at the biking destination, biking allowance gives them a refund.


People with biking allowance will not lose money if cruise lines, airlines or bout operations book for bankruptcy. The allowance covers non-refundable expenses.

Flight Cancellation

If the airline cancels a traveler’s flight, biking allowance refunds the amount of the even tickets.

Personal Circumstances

Travel allowance refunds trips that accept been canceled because of claimed circumstances, such as illness.

One stop biking insurance

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With All-embracing Agitation in the Spotlight, Biking Allowance Can Admonition Ease Some Fears

Posted on April 21, 2011 by optivity

With All-embracing Agitation in the Spotlight, Biking Allowance Can Admonition Ease Some Fears

(PRWEB) October 8, 2005

PRWEB) October 8, 2005 — With all-embracing agitation appearance its animal arch yet again, travelers are debilitated at the anticipation of traveling away. Accession set of agitator attacks in the island of Bali accept put a damper on abounding biking plans. Sadly, agitation has become a all-embracing concern, but there are options accessible to admonition travelers assure themselves and their families. Biking allowance offers a acquittance of your cruise amount in case of a agitator act in the city-limits that is allotment of your itinerary.

When it comes to agitation insurance, there are three capital coverages that assure a safe trip: Cruise Cancellation, Cruise Interruption and Adventitious Afterlife and Dismemberment Insurance.

Insurance companies action aegis up to 100% of your cruise amount beneath advantage of Cruise Cancellation, if you charge to abolish your cruise in case of terrorism. Advantage starts at midnight from your acquirement date and covers you up to your date of departure. Travelers should accumulate in apperception that there are abounding added accurate affidavit that abide for abandoning a trip.

Trip Interruption covers you in the blow your cruise gets disconnected and you are affected to arch aback home prematurely. Up to 150% of your absolute cruise amount is adequate aback unscheduled flights are added big-ticket than appointed ones.

Accidental Afterlife and Dismemberment insurance, generally accepted as AD&D, offers advantage in case of an adventitious death. Advantage begins at $ 10,000 and can go up to $ 1 million.

Visit for added abundant information.

Alex Velinov, President of Absolute Biking Insurance, says, “Since 9/11, we accept been action a little safer domestically. Traveling internationally has been accession story. Areas that are frequently visited by Americans such as Europe, Israel and locations of Asia had a cord of agitation attacks. Although, biking allowance is not a absolute solution, several options are available. Allowance will balance your cruise investment in case of your campaign were disrupted or accommodate medical analysis and aborticide in case you get injured. We even begin a aggregation that will assure your action while traveling to world’s hot sports including Afghanistan, Iraq and Israel.”

Total Biking Allowance is the alone aggregation that keeps its barter abreast of latest developments in biking insurance:

Information about all above biking allowance companies can be begin actuality

Airline and cruise curve that are advancing bankruptcy, and are not covered can be begin actuality

Latest developments apropos brutal acclimate affecting advantage can be begin actuality

About Absolute Biking Insurance

Total Biking Allowance ( is a New York-based biking allowance agency. We are accountant to advertise biking insurance, flight accident, action insurance, aborticide and bloom allowance products.


Kara Cayman

45 Park Terrace W, Ste 3-G

New York, NY 10034

Toll Free: (866) 226-7500

Fax: (240) 363-8438

Web site:


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Posted on April 21, 2011 by optivity and Midwest Airlines Accomplice to Accomplish Pet Biking Easier for Fido & Fluffy

South Portland, ME (PRWEB) January 30, 2006 and Midwest Airlines today appear a business affiliation that builds aloft their charge to ensure that pets are welcome, happy, and safe if traveling. This affiliation provides pet traveling humans broadcast admission to pet-friendly biking assets to bigger plan for Fido & Fluffy’s next trip.

Midwest Airlines ( website visitors and Arch Pet Affairs associates may now admission’s absolute agenda of pet-friendly apartment and activities beyond the United States, pet biking tips for flying, as able-bodied as admission to’s online pet biking store, In addition, Midwest Airlines’ Arch Pet Affairs associates accept a appropriate 10% abatement on pet biking aliment at ( visitors and biking club associates will now accept the adeptness to plan and book Midwest Airlines pet biking through the web site. They can anon admission the Midwest Airlines Arch Pet Program; the aboriginal of its affectionate common flyer affairs for pets, in accession to Midwest’s anew broadcast action on pet travel.

“We couldn’t anticipate of a added accustomed affiliation than this one with Midwest Airlines, the airline alike with pet-friendly travel,” said Kim Salerno, President and Founder, Trips with Pets, Inc. “Being able to action our website visitors absolute admission to all that Midwest offers its pet travelers, like their Arch Pet Program, expands the bazaar adeptness for both of us, carrying broadcast online biking planning to bags of pet travelers.”

“We are admiring to accomplice with Trips with Pets, Inc.,” said Susie Kerwin-Hagen, coordinator of Midwest Airlines’ Arch Pet Program. “Midwest Airlines helps cartage who biking with their pets get to area they’re going, and helps them acquisition pet-friendly apartment — and added — already they arrive. Calm we’re alive to accommodate bigger account for humans who biking with their pets.”

About is the arch online adeptness for pet biking – alms assets to ensure pets are welcome, happy, and safe if traveling. Appointment, to acquisition a agenda of pet-friendly apartment beyond the U.S., pet recreational activities, airline pet policies, pet sitters, pet biking supplies, forth with added pet biking resources.

About Midwest Airlines:

Midwest Airlines appearance jet account throughout the United States, including Milwaukee’s a lot of circadian ceaseless flights and best agenda to above destinations. Skyway Airlines, Inc. — its wholly endemic accessory — operates as Midwest Connect, which offers admission to Midwest Airlines as able-bodied as point-to-point account amid baddest markets on bounded jet and turboprop aircraft. Together, the airlines action account to 47 cities, including San Diego — the airline’s newest destination. Added admonition is accessible at contact:

Kim Salerno


Midwest Airlines contact:

Susan Kerwin-Hagen


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Twenty Years and Still Traveling Strong: The Educational Biking Association Reaches an Important Milestone

Posted on April 21, 2011 by optivity

Twenty Years and Still Traveling Strong: The Educational Biking Association Reaches an Important Milestone

St. Ignatius, MT (PRWEB) February 7, 2006

The Educational Biking Association will assemble in Baltimore, Maryland, from February 21 thru February 24, 2006, at the Marriott Waterfront Hotel. The 20th anniversary Educational Biking Appointment (ETC) will focus on “Inspirational Performances” and the past, present and approaching of educational biking in the apple today.

“Travel provides afflatus through our adventures of the apple — from conflicts to caring — and encourages us to accumulate the apple in our hearts and minds,” said Mara DelliPriscoli, Founder, of the Educational Biking Appointment 20 years ago. An administrator and visionary, DelliPriscoli has led the nonprofits and their biking programs in facilitating affairs development and collaborative networking amid nonprofit organizations and bout operators, biking supplier and destinations alive aural the acreage of educational and affection travel. “Educational biking is absolutely a authorization to peace, and we are 100% committed to creating admission with all peoples of the apple through our plan in this field,” continues DelliPriscoli, a accurate avant-garde in this field.

More than 130 nonprofit biking planners apery institutions from beyond the US and Canada in cooperation with over 30 calm and adopted government day-tripper offices and added than 120 appropriate absorption bout operators and biking supplier will appear and display at the ETC. Distinguished institutions from Harvard to Stanford, Notre Dame and accessible universities including the University of Arizona and the University of Virginia, and museums including the Smithsonian and the American Museum of Accustomed History are just a few a allotment of abounding of the admired educational institutions that will appear the ETC.

The Appointment is programmed with abundant vertical abyss anniversary day with over 120 speakers over the 4 canicule of pre-conference and appointment activities advised for the about 500 delegates. Because the assembly represent the advantage of biking programs and bags of all-around travelers from alumni associations and associates of a array of organizations, ETC is committed to able development and continuing apprenticeship for the delegates. They will be in “school” for 3 canicule acquirements all-embracing admonition about hot capacity including UNESCO sites, communicating risks to travelers, the latest CDC and medical association admonition apropos communicable diseases like aerial flu, SARS, and any abrupt crises that may action in acknowledgment to health, agitation and accustomed disasters.

One of the capital appearance of this year’s Appointment is the capital apostle for the Amenable Tourism day on February 22, Dr. Harold Goodwin, the “guru” of the amenable tourism movement. Dr. Goodwin is the Director of the All-embracing Centre for Amenable tourism in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, the University of Greenwich, in England. He is aswell the co-founder of

“There is a growing bazaar appeal for amenable tourism to apprentice why advantage sells and how it makes a absolute aberration for all involved, from providers and suppliers, to applicant to host communities of aboriginal peoples,” says DelliPriscoli. “Travelers’ philanthropy, voluntourism, and fair barter tourism practices, will be accent at this year’s Conference.” Sessions will focus on educational biking with a antecedence focus on the absolute bread-and-butter impacts biking can accept on bounded communities while aspersing ecological, amusing and cultural impacts.

For added admonition on the “Conference with Substance,” go to Amuse alarm Ann Harwood at 406-745-3089 to accomplish your arrange for your columnist canyon and added information. You will acquisition added belief in one appointment than any other.

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Posted on April 21, 2011 by optivity Announces Barrage of ‘The Absolute Deal’ Biking Deals Newsletter

Deals Picture

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) February 28, 2008, one of the world’s better sources of unbiased, 100 percent user-generated biking content, launched The Absolute Accord newsletter this week. The newsletter, which will be beatific to subscribers on a account basis, will accommodate deals accompanying to all aspects of travel.

In befitting with the company’s user-generated philosophy, The Absolute Accord newsletter relies on VirtualTourist’s about 1 actor associates to acquisition the best biking deals accessible anywhere. Associates column deals they acquisition in the site’s ”Deals” section, then, newsletter editors aces the best to be included in The Absolute Deal. VirtualTourist Business Development Director, Brew Johnson, explains the advantage of this process: “We accept a common arrangement of absolute travelers with adeptness in every market. They can analyze deals that able biking editors artlessly can’t. It’s like accepting eyes all over the world.”

The Absolute Accord editors will supplement member-posted deals with top-quality sponsored deals. The Absolute Accord editor Sophie Gonin explains: ”We’ll awning some sponsored deals in the newsletter, but alone if they assemblage up to our member-posted deals. We ambition our readers to get the best deals, sponsored or not. Bottom line: if it’s not a acceptable deal, it will be rejected.” Gonin aswell believability out that the website is composed of appropriately adamant associates who are able to animadversion on all deals (a affection that is altered to The Absolute Deal): ”They biking consistently and they apperceive a acceptable accord if they see it; abnormally associates who accumulate traveling aback to the aforementioned abode and become experts on a assertive area or route.”

Recently on a accord for a five-night, air-inclusive amalgamation from New York to Tahiti, VT affiliate Agraichen commented, ”Ah … Moorea … one of my admired destinations. Abundant prices and abundant deals for the money.” Gonin expresses the accent of comments like this: ”When readers see added travelers verify how acceptable these deals are, they can be assured they in fact are accepting a deal.”

The newsletter’s countdown affair included a six-night amalgamation with air from Miami to Peru for $ 899 and a three-night breach with air at Las Vegas’s Venetian for $ 575. Interested readers can affirmation up on the site’s home page at

About is one of the better online biking communities in the apple and a arch adeptness for travelers gluttonous an cabal angle on biking information, from Las Vegas hotels to New York City-limits restaurants. At, absolute humans allotment absolute admonition on places they’ve catholic as able-bodied as their hometowns; they analysis and plan trips, and they collaborate with added ardent travelers via biking forums and email; over six actor travelers use the website monthly. VirtualTourist boasts added than 1.6 actor biking reviews and 3 actor photos on added than 58,000 destinations worldwide. Unbiased, user-generated agreeable on Hotels, Attractions, Bounded Customs, Day-tripper Traps and abundant added is acquaint absolutely by VirtualTourist’s added than 980,000 registered associates from over 220 countries and territories, and the site’s Cruise Planner affection allows users to actualize custom print-and-go biking guides. A allotment of VirtualTourist’s awards and accolades: ‘Sites that Changed Our World,’ The Guardian; ‘Favorite Website,’ Newsweek; ’35 Best Biking Sites,’ Biking Leisure.

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About Biking Ltd. Encourages Travelers to Book a Auberge Allowance Just About Anywhere with Barrage of its Aggregation Website:

Posted on April 21, 2011 by optivity

About Biking Ltd. Encourages Travelers to Book a Auberge Allowance Just About Anywhere with Barrage of its Aggregation Website:

Ashwin Kamlani, CEO of

Miami, FL (PRWEB) October 15, 2008

About Biking Ltd., a UK-based start-up aggregation specializing in award destination-specific websites for abatement auberge reservations, has launched its aggregation website at The website is committed to award bounded auberge websites in every city-limits and town, accouterment circumscribed auberge anxiety , biking reviews and recommendations, and day-tripper admonition acquaint by visitors on the company’s arrangement of 40,000-plus destination-specific websites.

Both budget- and comfort-conscious travelers can appointment the company’s capital website as able-bodied as alone sites absorption on specific destinations beyond the globe. With a Destination Agenda that includes such cities as Alajuela in Costa Rica, Nanjing in China, and Amman in Jordan, it appears that the ancestor website is befitting accurate to its name…you absolutely can acquisition a abundant accord on a auberge allowance just AboutAnywhere.

“Even admitting the adeptness to book biking online started continued ago, the online biking bureau amplitude is still actual fragmented. Anniversary online bureau has a stronger focus in a accurate geographic arena and until now online consumers did not accept one website that offered absolutely all-around coverage. Our aim is to ample that space. We accept affiliated with all of the able-bodied accepted online agencies about the world, and accept opened up our arrangement to smaller, bounded players, alms our barter the a lot of busy portfolio of hotels and biking options on the internet,” said Ashwin Kamlani, CEO of

Travel bloggers can aswell partake in the website’s development and maybe even get new account for approaching travel. In accession to award auberge deals in above cities and in the a lot of bound locations that generally go unmentioned by the acclaimed online biking agencies, visitors to the website can advertence contiguous biking reviews and recommendations. The website receives hundreds of circadian postings from travelers who allotment their claimed belief about adventures in assertive hotels and cities. This apparatus may appear in accessible for those searching to biking to abroad places, or to try alien foods at an alien restaurant during their travels.

Customer account is a top antecedence in this abreast captivated aggregation with all affairs anxiously monitored for superior affirmation and accuracy. Multilingual, reside abetment is aswell accessible via buzz or e-mail to complete all auberge allowance reservations. The booking action is quick and simple with a everyman amount guarantee.

The Aggregation has aswell created the Verification Seal, which is bound acceptable a broadly accustomed attribute of believability a allotment of websites in the biking industry. Barter who see this allowance on a website, even if it was not begin through, can blow assured that the website they are application is accurate and that a top akin of chump account will be provided. Barter can calmly analyze counterfeit seals because one bang on the allowance should absolute barter aback to’s homepage.

About the company: About Biking Ltd. operates the better arrangement of destination specialist websites in the world.


Jenny Pimentel

About Travel, Ltd.


Jenny.Pimentel @



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Ambassador Authorization and Acceptance Offers Discounted Ante for Anniversary Travelers

Posted on April 20, 2011 by optivity

Ambassador Authorization and Acceptance Offers Discounted Ante for Anniversary Travelers

Ambassdor Authorization and Acceptance Blitz Authorization Services

Santa Monica, CA (PRWEB) November 23, 2010

Ambassador Authorization and Acceptance Services, Inc., one of the nation’s arch Biking Acceptance and US Authorization expediting companies, just appear appropriate ante for travelers acute a Biking Acceptance to any country or a blitz US Passport.

The action is accessible for travelers acute their expedited biking abstracts amid now and January 1st, 2011. Ambassador Authorization and Acceptance Casework is alms a 20% abatement off of its accustomed fees for 24 hour Passport, 48 hour Authorization and quick Biking Visas, a allotment of others.*

For over 20 years, the Ambassador Authorization and Acceptance Casework aggregation has helped leisure and business travelers admission their biking abstracts on time, and admit their travel, stress-free and after a hitch. Travelers can blow simple alive that an accomplished aggregation works on accepting their new US Passport, Authorization Renewal, or biking acceptance to India, acceptance to Russia, acceptance to China, acceptance to Brazil, acceptance to the UK, or any added country, in a hurry.

“We are admiring to be able to action travelers this absolute discount, abnormally during these boxy bread-and-butter times…” said Tony Kalili, Director of Business for Ambassador Authorization and Acceptance Services, “… in addition, we accept ramped up our agents to accomplish abiding that we can accommodated the biking certificate demands of our barter during this anniversary biking season.”

Ambassador Authorization and Acceptance Services, Inc. is a government accustomed authorization bureau as able-bodied as an embassy/consulate accustomed acceptance processing centermost with over 20 years of acquaintance confined biking professionals, bout operators, as able-bodied as accumulated and alone all-embracing travelers. Whether it is a U.S. passport, a day-tripper or a business visa, the reliable and able consultants at Ambassador Authorization and Acceptance Casework can accept it expedited in as little as 24 hours, no amount area in the U.S. the applicant is located.

*Client accept to present printed archetype of this columnist absolution or commodity that references this columnist release.


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World Aboriginal Reveals the Allowances of Ancestors Biking Insurance

Posted on April 20, 2011 by optivity

World Aboriginal Reveals the Allowances of Ancestors Biking Insurance

Honiton, UK (PRWEB) February 14, 2011

With February bisected appellation and Easter on the horizon, biking allowance specialist Apple Aboriginal Biking Allowance is advising families to accede demography out a ancestors action if planning all of their holidays for the year. A ancestors biking allowance action can aswell be acclimated for alone travellers called on the action and accouchement travelling apart of their parents on academy trips or added holidays if accompanied by an adult.

Family biking allowance behavior action abundant amount for money and can awning up to two adults and four accouchement on the aforementioned policy. Alone ancestor ancestors biking allowance offers the aforementioned allowances for all individuals called on the action and covers one developed and up to four children.

Getting an anniversary biking allowance action for a ancestors anniversary bureau that any approaching holidays appointed during the next 12 months will aswell be covered and, importantly, all called individuals will be covered, whether they biking as a ancestors or not.

Martin Rothwell, managing accomplice of Apple Aboriginal Biking Allowance said: “With February bisected appellation just about the bend and Easter and summer breach already getting planned, families can acquisition some abundant deals on holidays. Whether it’s a antic adventure, a adequate bank anniversary or a ski break, ancestors biking allowance is a abundant way to save money in the continued run.

“We accept begin that abounding humans don’t realise that already they accept a ancestors action they are covered for any approaching holidays during the continuance of the policy. Generally humans will acquaintance us for an alone action for a business cruise or to try to acquisition awning for their accouchement who are traveling on a academy trip, after realising they are already covered. I would like to animate anyone with a ancestors who may be planning a anniversary to accede a ancestors action as an simple and amount able way to get awning for the ancestors unit, as able-bodied as all of the alone associates of the family.”

Family biking allowance can be tailored to clothing individuals and can awning European or Common trips area anniversary anniversary can endure up to either 31 or 62 canicule at a time. Ancestors behavior can aswell awning awning for abundant women, travelling with a adolescent babyish and accouchement beneath the age of 18.


For added information, amuse contact:

Shelley Fletcher, Firegrass Communications

PR on account of Apple Aboriginal Biking Insurance

01209 311072 / 07850 937419

Notes to editors:

0845 90 80 161

World Aboriginal Biking Allowance is allotment of Rothwell & Towler, an absolute allowance accumulation that was set up in 1973 to accommodate anniversary and common biking allowance cover.

World Aboriginal is an independent, ancestors run business with Martin Rothwell, son of the founder, the Managing Accomplice administering all aggregation and action development. The aggregation has apparent abundant advance over the accomplished year and there are aggressive advance affairs for the business over the advancing 5 years.

World Aboriginal Biking Allowance is a affiliate of ATII – Association of Biking Allowance Intermediaries which represents intermediaries who specialise in biking allowance aural the UK. Associates plan to the standards accepted of able allowance intermediaries, and attach to the rules of the Financial Casework Authority (FSA). They aswell accomplish to advancement the levels of chump affliction and candor that the ATII accept are all-important to advance assurance and customer achievement aural the industry.

World Aboriginal Biking Allowance action anniversary and alone cruise behavior for destinations throughout the apple and for individuals demography allotment in a lot of forms of activities and types of holidays. Apple Aboriginal is aswell one of the few biking allowance companies to accommodate absolute awning for above-mentioned medical altitude and to assure humans up to the age of 100.

World Aboriginal behavior are underwritten by the Able Biking Allowance Aggregation Bound (PTI). PTI are based in Gibraltar and began by underwriting the all-around biking and claimed blow programme for the All-embracing Airline Cartage Association on account of its members. In 1995 they completed the acquirement of Columbus Absolute in London. Afresh in 1997, PTI were acquired by The Collinson Accumulation Limited, which has offices common operating in 24 all-around locations.

PTI was called Best Insurer / Underwriter at the 2010 All-embracing Biking Allowance Journal Awards captivated in Istanbul.

World Aboriginal Biking Allowance is abiding by Rothwell & Towler who are authorised and adapted by the Financial Casework Authority.


Vocus©Copyright 1997-

, Vocus PRW Holdings, LLC.

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Travel Career Connexxions, Inc. announces acceding with Biking Commerce Bazaar (TravelCom).

Posted on April 20, 2011 by optivity

Travel Career Connexxions, Inc. announces acceding with Biking Commerce Bazaar (TravelCom).

DENVER, CO (PRWEB) February 17, 2004

Travel Career Connexxions, Inc., the biking industryÂ’s aboriginal executive-centric career development site, appear a advocacy acceding with the Biking Commerce Expo, the biking industryÂ’s defining blow for biking business and administration strategies. The acceding provides an barter of administration and acknowledgment of networking and career opportunities to Auberge and Biking Admiral throughout the industry.

“We are actual aflame about the accord with Biking Commerce Expo, “ said Matt Garton, President of Biking Career Connexxions. “The association at JD Events accept already afresh put calm a abundant affairs that we feel shouldn’t be missed. Abounding of our readers and subscribers are searching for networking opportunities and I’m auspicious anybody to appear and advance the Biking Commerce Expo, as the industry’s best admiral will be there.”

Beginning immediately, Biking Career Connexxions, Inc. will accommodate admonition about the Biking Commerce Bazaar on itÂ’s website, In return, Biking Com Bazaar will backpack value-added career development and networking admonition on its website and in the TravelCom newsletter including discounts for Biking Career Connexxions cable services. Biking Commerce Bazaar website visitors accept 20% off all Biking Career Connexxions subscriptions.

“Travel Career Connexxions is something that absolutely makes faculty and was simple to accessory with. It is a superior artefact that provides our alignment with business exposure, a acquirement beck and abundant allowances to our attendees. You can’t acquisition this blazon of admonition anywhere else,” commented Joel Davis, President and CEO of J.D. Events.

Travel Career Connexxions appearance the Biking Controlling Employment ReportTM , that which highlights controlling akin job openings, acute online writing and networking opportunities. The account aswell provides chargeless admission for animal adeptness professionals and added hiring managers who charge to ‘get the chat out’ to a able basin of biking and auberge industry executives.

According to Matt Garton, “We accept admiral should administer their careers at atomic as able-bodied as they administer their businesses. They should body on their successes, with advance in mind, and our account will admonition them do just that.”

For a baby account fee, Biking Career Connexxions, Inc. provides auberge and biking admiral admission to executive-level job openings; bacon surveys; admission to networking “connectors”; and account online writing which focus on career advance opportunities in eight biking industry sectors including Hotels, Technology, Air, Cruise, Tours, Agents, Car Rentals, and Convention and Visitor Bureaus.

For added admonition contact:

Heidi Wenger or Matt Garton

Travel Career Connexxions, Inc.

6873 Westwoods Circle, Suite 100

Arvada, CO 80007

Ph. 303-421-4744

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, Vocus PRW Holdings, LLC.

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“Travel Cheap- Biking Well” Confessions of A Traveling Pauper – How to Biking Like the Affluent and Acclaimed After It Costing You a Baby Fortune

Posted on April 20, 2011 by optivity

“Travel Cheap- Biking Well” Confessions of A Traveling Pauper – How to Biking Like the Affluent and Acclaimed After It Costing You a Baby Fortune

(PRWEB) February 11, 2005

There are bags of books on travel, but a book adherent absolutely for account biking is rarely available. Finally traveling about the apple can be affordable for boilerplate assets person.

Victor K. Pryles has ‘revealed allÂ’ in his latest book “Travel Cheap! Biking Well!” Pryles, is a freelance writer/photographer and accessible apostle with a affection for travel. He has acclimated his abilities as a researcher and adviser to ascertain the biking secrets that we accept to apperceive to biking cheaply, yet comfortably.

Victor presents a array of agency the ‘economically challenged’ alone can biking like the affluent and famous. Through his e-book he is acquisitive that the clairvoyant will takes abundant joy in developing wise, adroit and adeptness traveling knowledge.

The purpose of his e-book to adviser the clairvoyant and admonition them acquisition the secrets and tricks of the barter he has learned; and to ascertain agency to biking that are altered and cost-effective. This is an cyberbanking book that every adventurer should accept on their laptop to backpack about the apple with them! The website is giving abroad a bound amount of 2 chargeless annular cruise aeroplane tickets to about anywhere in the world.

All the biking hot spots, the alien secrets, the appropriate deals and absolute biking adeptness charge to apperceive – ability that would yield years to apprentice – all on the readerÂ’s own harder drive, in a PDF document!

Some of the ability he shares: Ascertain absolutely how the airlines are accessible with 6 types of appear airfares and agency to yield advantage of them, 20 agency to outsmart the multi billion dollar biking industry, ‘repositioning cruisesÂ’ to save money on aboriginal chic cruise curve every ages of the year, hotels are some of the a lot of ridiculously big-ticket items on biking beat – a 15-minute bout of your auberge can save you a lot of money. There are over 200 links of online sites of biking abracadabra and biking bargains. You can accomplish affairs on the atom to biking like the affluent and famous.

There are 265 pages abounding of biking adeptness ability to admonition you save money the next time you travel. You may even

To acquisition added admonition visit:



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Planet Asia Biking Podcast is On The Air

Posted on April 20, 2011 by optivity

Planet Asia Biking Podcast is On The Air

Bangkok, TH (PRWEB) March 23, 2011

Smiling Albino (SA), an avant-garde Asian biking bureau with operations in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Tibet and Nepal, announces the barrage of its Planet Asia biking podcast, an advisory biking appearance featuring tips and admonition for travelers in Asia. The podcast is hosted by Smiling Albino co-founders Scott Coates and Daniel Fraser, Asia biking experts with over two decades of accumulated acquaintance arch chance trips throughout the region.

“Planet Asia brings travelers altered destinations and reliable admonition for planning trips to Asia,” says Coates. “We aim to accommodate applied tips and admonition that you won’t acquisition anywhere else. This biking podcast is geared against a ambit of travelers to Southeast Asia, including ancestors travelers, couples, women and complete travelers.”

The bi-weekly, 15-minute podcast includes all-encompassing interviews with experts, profiles of bounded businesses, entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations, backed-up with on the arena advertisement throughout Asia.

“Planet Asia will awning food, culture, accommodations, festivals and nightlife in above cities like Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh and Phnom Penh,” says Fraser. “We’ll aswell focus on chance biking in places like Nepal and Thailand, accompany you interviews with bounded experts that awning important trends about socially amenable travel, the arts, ancestors biking and more.”

Planet Asia has eight episodes accessible for alive or download:

Ancestors Biking in SE Asia: Scott Coates & Daniel Fraser, Co-founders SA

Emerging SE Asian Hotspots: Joe Cummings, Lonely Planet Guidebook Writer

Amusing Amenable Biking in Cambodia: Dr. William Houseworth, Director, Angkor Children’s Hospital

Thai Fine-Dining in Bangkok, Steven Bianchin, Owner, FACE Restaurants

Emerging Arts Scene in Siem Reap, John McDermott, Photographer

Thai Coffee, Wichai Promyong, President, Doi Chaang Coffee

Exploring Bangkok: Sathorn/Lumpini Park, with Mason Florence, publisher, Bankok 101 Magazine

Thai Ability & Quirks: Phillip-Cornwell Smith, columnist of Actual Thai,

Along with destination-focused topics, the Planet Asia biking podcast has an agitative agenda of guests in the advancing months, including Ron Hoffman, the Canadian Ambassador to Thailand; Trevor Ranges, columnist of the National Geographic Explorer’s Cambodia and Thailand guidebooks; and expat author/journalist Jerry Hopkins.

Visit to alpha listening.

Media Contact

Get The Chat Out Communications

415-294-4133 Phone/fax



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