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Rewritten Article

Sunrocket Accoutrement Ambassador Passwords

A adeptness for the accepted Sunrocket Accoutrement Ambassador Passwords for the AC-211-SR, AC-211-N, Innomedia, and Linksys Gizmos. This blog aswell contains instructions on unlocking and reconfiguring your Accoutrement for use on added VoIP providers, now that SunRocket has shut down. If you admission any suggestions or new how-to's that you would like included on this site, amuse email me at

Sunday, August 26, 2007

How to Abolish SunRocket's Config from Your LinkSys ATA

This book will get rid of all the Sunrocket customizations to your Linksys ATA so you can yield it with you to addition provider like ViaTalk or Vonage..

From a web browser, go to http:///admin/voice/advanced (replacing, of course, with the IP abode you use to admission the web interface of your Linksys).

Bright the "Restricted Admission Domains" field.

Go to http:///admin/resync? (replacing, of course, with the IP abode you use to admission the web interface of your Linksys).

Your Sunrocket configs are now deleted.

Thanks to username1961 :)

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Friday, August 24, 2007

LiveCD to Alleviate Your Linksys SPA-2102

Important Advice - Apprehend First


You admission all accident associated with active the LiveCD. Any accident to persons, property, or abstracts are the sole albatross of the user. By downloading and active the CD, you accede and admission these risks and authority the author(s) of the assorted programs, scripts, and methods controllable for any and all damages. If you do not accede to these acceding and conditions, do not download or use the LiveCD.

Thanks to undef for pointing these out to me. Actuality are some instructions (from on how to use the LiveCD I acquaint about yesterday:

Semi-Automated Unlocking of the SPA-2102 is now accessible by application a custom Live CD. The Live CD handles abundant of the plan complex in advancing your arrangement to alleviate the SPA, although some chiral accomplish are still required.


Download the Live CD actuality (MD5: 4bfdf4d238d0405305e874a8ada53e1a). This will alter to for added reliable downloads.

Burn the ISO angel to CD

To run the LiveCD, you will need:

PC or Intel MAC with a CD-ROM

An ethernet cable, switch, or hub

A apprenticed SPA2102-r

Reboot your computer application the LiveCD.

Chase the admonition and prompts as they are presented to you.

None of the pauses should endure for added than 5 minutes. If they endure that long, it is because your arrangement affiliation to the SPA2102 is bad. Try a altered cable(s) or a crossover cable and restart the CD.

The username and countersign for web administering will be set to admin' and qwe%zxc5 , respectively.

The URL to admission the web interface, from the ETHERNET port, afterwards unlocking the accessory will usually be If this does not work, try abutting the accessory to your about-face or router application the INTERNET anchorage - it will admission an IP abode from your router and admission admission to the web interface on that address. To actuate what IP abode it acquired, amuse advertence the artefact manuals or abstract for your specific router/switch/gateway.

Your accessory is now unlocked! You can now yield it to addition provider like ViaTalk or Vonage.

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Manually Unlocking the SPA-2102


There is anon one acceptable way to alleviate your Sunrocket SPA-2102 and yield it to addition provider like ViaTalk or Vonage. A big acknowledge you to Username for this hack!

You'll charge a specific config file. It can be begin actuality (Mirrors here, actuality (IE Only), here, here, or here)

After you get the file, you charge to verify the md5sum of the cfg book central the archive.

In linux, you can do this like so:

gzip -d linksys2102-sunrocket.cfg.gz

md5sum linksys2102-sunrocket.cfg

It should acknowledgment an md5sum of 9abc05cce6cbc9b4be02b7c3a1b951ca If it does not, afresh it is not the 18-carat file, and, should be discarded.

The easiest way to do this, is:

Affix your computer anon to the INTERNET anchorage of your SPA. Some users may charge a crossover cable

If this doesen't plan for you, you adeptness accede something like:

Plugging your router's WAN anchorage into your computer [ For this to plan you charge to be active a DHCP server on your computer or set the SPA to changeless IP in the arrangement ]

You can affix the SPA to any anchorage on your arrangement application the INTERNET anchorage if you set your WAN anchorage to a changeless IP affectation You can do that via either the web interface or the IVR. Instructions can be begin here

Added Suggestions needed

Set your machine's IP abode to

In linux, you can do this by arising ifconfig ethX:1, area X is your interface number.

Microsoft Vista IP Change HOWTO

Windows XP IP Change HOWTO

Windows 2000 IP Change HOWTO

Windows 98/95/ME IP ChangeHOWTO

Install a webserver on your machine.

Microsoft's Claimed Web Server should do just accomplished for windows users.

IIS accession On Vista HOWTO

IIS accession on XP/2000 HOWTO

MS PWS accession on 98/ME HOWTO

Or, you can get apache for windows here.

On linux, apache will plan fine, but, bethink to set the mime-type to application/octet-stream.

The easiest way to do this is: DefaultType application/octet-stream in apache2.conf

Actualize the agenda /gms/linksys/SPA-2102/2102 in your web root.

In linux this is about /var/www

In Windows, this can alter greatly, but, adeptness be:


If you're application apache as adapted above, it will be C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2\htdocs

Copy the book you downloaded to the agenda you just created.

Rename the cfg book to .cfg , I.E. 000aaa11bb.cfg all belletrist are lowercase, and, no dashes or colons.

If you don't apperceive how to get your mac address, analysis the basal of your SPA.

Type in your computer browser. You should be able to see the 000xxxxxxxxx.cfg book you prepared. (If not, your web server may not be set up properly)

Delay until the ablaze stops blinking and is solid

Aces up the phone, and, punch ****

At the prompt, punch 723646#

If prompted for a password, punch 79309925#

Punch 1#

Punch 1

Hang up

Go to, and, login with the accreditation admin and qwe%zxc5 [ For this to plan you charge to abstract the accessory and bung it on the ETHERNET side. You aswell charge to change your computer aback to application dhcp if you application windows ].

Congrats! Your accoutrement is unlocked! Yield it to ViaTalk or Vonage and adore your VoIP.

Now, you'll ambition to at LEAST attenuate provisioning.

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Friday, August 10, 2007

What to do if TeleBlend is giving you the runaround

If you're a paid subscriber to TeleBlend and you're experiencing outages, abridgement of voicemail, no incoming, no outgoing, etc, etc, etc, you charge to do two things:

1. Book a altercation with your coffer or acclaim agenda aggregation for the charges. If they ask why, say it's for abortion to accommodate advertised services.

2. Book a complaint with the FCC. Aforementioned thing, abortion to accommodate advertised telecom casework for which you've paid. If your amount anchorage is accepting captivated up or baseborn by TB, and you can get affidavit from your new provider, adduce that as well.

I'd say alarm their CSR lines, but apparently, all circuits are active :-/

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TeleBlend - Final Verdict

All it takes is a quick (well, maybe not "quick", aback there are TONS of posts) glance at the SunRocket forums on DSLReports to see that TeleBlend has apathetic off added than they can chew. Some examples:

Porting # from SR to Packet8

This Is Totally Unacceptable

Sunrocket burglary numbers back??

TeleBlend's Mea Culpa

TeleBlend Troubles Continue

So, what's my verdict: STAY AWAY FROM TELEBLEND. IMHO, they will not be about for added than 6-12 months, if that. Go with addition accustomed provider. I've fabricated the about-face to ViaTalk (using the instructions I've acquaint here) and haven't looked back.

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

One added AC-211-SR / AC-211-SR-N Password

Another one arise from the trenches of DSRL:


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Thursday, August 02, 2007

How to set a new admin countersign for apprenticed innomedia

Innomedia accessories from Sunrocket arise with SNMP enabled. The association strings is private.

You artlessly use any snmp apparatus to displace the admin password.

The admin countersign OID is


on a linux apparatus you can issue

snmpset -v 2c -c clandestine SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.3354. s newpassword

Then you can use telnet login with your new password.

once you login with telnet you can appearance your sip username and password

On a Windows machine, use a MIB browser to admission the OID aloft w/ the able SNMP adaptation and association strings to set the password.

You can now yield your accessory to addition provider like ViaTalk or Vonage.

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

New web admin countersign for Linksys SPA2102-r found!

Note: This countersign is alone accurate for gizmos that admission an IVR countersign of 79309925

If your Linksys SPA2102-r has an IVR countersign of 79309925 your agnate web admin countersign is: qwe%zxc5

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Monday, July 30, 2007

Update to Unlocking your Linksys SPA2102 to plan with ViaTalk

There has been one change to the procedure. Analysis it out here.

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

My Correspondance With Lisa Bickford

Over the accomplished few days, I've had the audible (dis)pleasure of communicating user frustrations to Lisa Bickford, a C-level exec at TeleBlend. What follows is the dialog.

My aboriginal email to her:


I am in control of an Innomedia and Linksys "Gizmo" accessory from Sunrocket which I ambition to yield to addition provider. However, it seems as admitting the authoritative admission countersign was afflicted in the accomplished week, aback Sunrocket arise it's closure, either by Teleblend or by Sunrocket. As Sunrocket no best exists as a applicable accumulated entity, I am formally requesting the authoritative passwords to the Linksys and Innomedia devices. (Teleblend acquire to admission them, in adjustment to reprovision them for adapted SIP credentials, etc)

Acknowledge you,


Her reply:

We admission not afflicted annihilation on chump devices, nor do we admission the “administrative passwords” to any devices. All accessories are pointing to accepted allotment servers which point accessories by MAC abode to our network. If that advice was not ahead provided to you by SunRocket afresh I’m abashed the advice is absent to us aback SunRocket is out of business.

You may acquisition that either Linksys or Innomedia may be able to acquaint you how to do a “factory reset” of the accessory to restore it to whatever the branch absence acceding is, but we will not abutment accessories that admission been adequate to absence settings.

Acknowledge you for your inquiry.


Lisa Bickford



voice: 209.320.4309

fax: 209.320.4392

My next email to her:


I acknowledge your reponse, however, something isn't clearing adapted with me about this...

Many, abounding users on the DSLReports forums admission arise that, acutely overnight, the "Gizmo" has been reconfigured, and the old, known, authoritative passwords are no best in effect.

If Teleblend has, as declared on your website, acquired the old Sunrocket network, and apparently the accessories hardware, as adumbrated by this admission on your FAQ:

Do I admission to change my accouterments to use your service?

You don’t admission to change a thing, just go to our website , assurance up your blast amount and your anniversary will abide as normal

You should admission the adeptness to actuate and advertise the passwords to the users who ambition to move to addition provider. You would not be able to reprovision any Gizmos afterwards this information.

I own my Gizmo, it is not, nor was it ever, Sunrocket property. As an end user, I should admission the adapted and adeptness to yield a section of accessories I paid for and use it with addition VoIP company.

If Teleblend is advisedly denial this information, it is acutely bad PR and actual anti-competitive, neither of which are acceptable for a apprentice VoIP provider in today's ambiguous times (in the ages of July, 2 providers admission shuttered).

Amuse antipodal with your abstruse aggregation and admission them locate this information. It would accomplish 200,000+ humans actual happy.

Acknowledge you,


Her response:

As I told you previously, we do not admission and never had admission passwords for the Linksys or Innomedia devices. They arise pre-configured from LinkSys and Innomedia and all we do is admission the MAC cipher from the accessory into our system. We are not willingingly denial anything. As I declared before, we DO NOT admission passwords for these accessories and we HAVE NOT afflicted passwords on any devices.

Acknowledge you.

Lisa Bickford

My reply


Thanks afresh for your reply. Amuse analyze one point for me (and the bags of users on

If you don't admission the authoritative passwords to the devices, how are the authoritative passwords accepting changed? These accessories don't "phone home" to Linksys or Innomedia (who admission already declared that Sunrocket set the passwords). They are configured to alone allocution to Sunrocket servers, which are now your servers. The authoritative countersign cannot be afflicted afterwards aboriginal logging in via the authoritative password.

If there is some added way in which this change can be fabricated (ie, a telnet backdoor, bare password, etc), amuse let us know.

Again, there are abounding users out there with this question. An example, from :

"If they absolutely ambition to be helpful, they should acquaint their PR accepting to stop cogent us that Teleblend doesn't apperceive the passwords to our devices. They were afflicted on Friday, able-bodied afterwards Teleblend was claiming they had annihilation to do with SR... and yet, miraculously, TB still has admission to our ATA's.

All they are accomplishing is authoritative me really, really, mad, aback they are basically burglary all I admission larboard afterwards accepting cheated by SR. And I will attending for any way to get aback the funds I will admission to absorb to get a new ATA. Aback I admission active no acceding with them, I'm not apprenticed by any adjudication accoutrement or administration mandates. They blanket my ATA in Virginia, so I achievement they are able to go to Small Claims Court in VA.

The actuality that they admission to abduct our ATA's demonstrates that they don't even accept their anniversary is the best option. TB should abbreviate the bad animosity and do the adapted affair by giving us our passwords back. It would aswell appearance their artlessness and honesty, which adeptness get them some adherence from SR barter who ambition the easiest transition. (I can agreement that with how mad I am now at TB I would NEVER go with them.)"

(This was not acquaint by me, but by addition user, in acknowledgment to a solication from either a Teleblend agent or contractor).

I can accept your annoyance with this, but you charge to accept ours (the users). We deathwatch up one morning with NO service, and afresh *poof* a new aggregation appears with the aforementioned tech abutment buzz amount as Sunrocket (1-877-252-4549, which shows up in the Google Cache of the page from 19 July, but seems to admission been afflicted to a non-functional 1-877-252-4548 now), the aforementioned "Got Vonage" brand on the foreground page, a website who's SSL absolutely was afresh alone by browsers and seems to be accouterment alone to Sunrocket refugees, and PR accounting by anyone active aback in 1958 ("Teleblend is a abreast held, abreast funded, assisting Voice-Over-IP buzz anniversary provider alms anniversary in all 48 states." from - I apperceive what was intended, but this doesn't advice your credibility).

Amuse footfall out of your shoes as CxO of a VoIP provider, and into any one of the 200,000+ pairs of shoes from those who were larboard top and dry if Sunrocket unceremoniously shut down. For all the reasons, and more, listed in the aloft paragraph, TeleBlend is angry an acclivous action if it comes to assurance and believability in the VoIP apple adapted now.

I allure you to accompany the discussions at DSLReports to advice bright the air; it would be accustomed by anybody who is a actor there.

She didn't acknowledgment to that one, so I accursed addition one her way:


Lots of questions are surrounding the amends and angary of your operation. Primary a allotment of user apropos at DSLReports is how and why you were able to admission our announcement and shipment advice afterwards our accurate consent. I had no above-mentioned accord with your company, and never accustomed Sunrocket, Sherwood Partners, nor TeleBlend to accord your aggregation admission to my claimed information. In the actual least, this is a austere aloofness breach, at the most, abeyant wire fraud.

Amuse abode these issues, as able-bodied as the issues I brought up in my email from bygone timestamped at 1:56PM Eastern Time.

With no acknowledgment to that one, I lobbed this one her way:

Ms Bickford-

You abashed blackout doesn't sit will with me, nor the bags of others who are cat-and-mouse for these answers.

Bygone afternoon, the CEO fabricated an attempt, to get us answers in a appointment altercation on DSLReports. It was a failure, in every faculty of the word. If you agnosticism me, feel chargeless to browse this thread:

The actuality that you're just abounding aback the aggregation bandage on issues like this puts added dings in the believability of TB. All that's been offered to the abandoned Sunrocket users are half-truths and (not so) artfully dodged Q&A sessions.

Do you and your aggregation a favor and be accurate and honest with us. We haven't done annihilation wrong. We were the ones larboard abandoned if Sunrocket closed, not you. If you absolutely ambition to do your "customers" a favor, accord us straightforward, honest, abstruse answers to the questions we admission posed.

Oh, and already my amount anchorage abroad from Sunrocket is complete, amuse abolish my announcement advice from your system, which I accept added than ever, is actionable for you to be in control of afterwards my accurate accounting consent.

Acknowledge you,


Finally, a reply:

I am neither abashed nor silent, Mr. Molavi. Artlessly too active accomplishing absolute plan to appoint in either arresting myself or acknowledgment our business archetypal or our business practices. Bill Fogg and I accede that the aggregation acquire to admission a accepted bulletin in adjustment to abstain ambagious the

accessible or accustomed inaccurate information. So abounding things are still in alteration due to the brusque attributes of the SunRocket closure. If we could acknowledgment your questions completely, we would,but the defalcation abettor for SunRocket is authoritative abundant of the process, not us. We are accomplishing our best in a difficult bearings to accommodate blast anniversary for displaced customers, not active a betray or advisedly accomplishing annihilation to added corruption the displaced SunRocket customers.

I achievement your anchorage to addition provider goes well. I attending avant-garde to seeing your abode of the action on DSLReports. You will see added advice from us and the added providers as it unfolds. As anon as we admission audible answers to some of these questions blow assured that we

will accommodate them. I achievement you admission as abundant luck talking to the CEO and SVPs of the aggregation you've alleged to alteration your buzz anniversary to.

My endure email to her:

You've bootless miserably. The accessible is confused.

Either you or Mr. Fogg charge to appoint in a absolute babble with the barter to set the almanac straight, already and for all. Skipping out afterwards answering a few questions will not cut it, it alone fuels the fires, and the assumptions that TeleBlend is ambuscade advice from the customers.

I attending avant-garde to accomplishing no added business with your company, unless, of course, I acquisition out that you are in control of my announcement information.


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Another Accessible Linksys Password

From a adolescent blogger:


EDIT: Try SUNROCKX (without the #) as well

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

New Innomedia Password?

When aggravating to log in as admin to your Innomedia box, try:

Username: Admin

Password: password

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Upgrading Linksys Firmware

From DSLR:

On the Linksys, web admin admission is disabled. To accredit it, aces up phone, punch **** afresh 723646# , if asked for password, punch 78778839# , if asked for amount punch 1# afresh punch 1 to save.

Then, go to » , admission user and password.

If accoutrement abaft router, you aswell charge to accredit admission from WAN ancillary with advantage 7932# . Of course, acting accoutrement WAN abode in aloft URL(Important part... I had to use the IP my router assigned my ATA to admission it). To apprehend it, use advantage 110#, if asked for amount punch 1# afresh punch 1 to save



just about-face off accessories (or set up to accouterment from new provider) and be accurate not to do a branch displace aback appropriately far cipher knows the absence SunRocket password.

I afresh afflicted the countersign on the avant-garde arrangement page.

I aswell removed the Acceding Profile/Profile Rule: bond from the accessories page forth with the Firmware Upgrade/Upgrade Rule: bond (so no accessories would arise and allows me to leave firmware upgrade/provisioning enabled).

Next I went to the linksys abutment page and downloaded the firmware update.

I followed this by extracting the amend and active it.

Finally I entered the IP my router assigned the SPA with my admin countersign I created, and started the beam it took ~90sec and the ATA rebooted.

I afresh logged aback into the ATA with the IP from endure allotment and looked over the settings.

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Monday, July 23, 2007

WORKING Net2Phone firmware for Innomedia..rebrands to OEM

This was provided to a affiliate by net2phone techs. It's a alive adaptation (as against to the non-working firmware they currently admission posted). I would skip the footfall in the how-to affidavit about "Reset to Defaults" to see what happens, as if you do displace to defaults afterwards Net2phone firmware, it will configure it for Net2phone. But, you can consistently change it.

Actual book here: »

Actual cilia actuality with screenshot of the firmware afterwards flashing:


I'm adventurous this will appearance up anon on the Net2phone Sunrocket page, but for now, there ya go.

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How to Acquisition Out Who Owns Your Number

This hotlink will let you apperceive which CLEC controls your number:


1. Fill in adapted info

2. Bang Yellow "Check Eligibility" Link

3. If accommodation is "YES" afresh checkmark your number

4. Baddest "Continue" and there will be your CLEC, (e.g. Level-3, Global Crossing, etc...)

Now, go assurance up with addition provider like ViaTalk or Vonage and get your VoIP on ;)

Posted by dmolavi at 8:17 PM 3 comments

Password Problems

It seems as admitting TeleBendOverAndTakeItUpTheAss has reconfigured any Gizmos that don't admission autoconfiguration/provisioning disabled, and afflicted the countersign to something that we haven't ample out yet.

I beatific an email to TB this afternoon allurement for the passwords, and will column the acknowledgment actuality if I get one.

Posted by dmolavi at 7:57 PM 4 comments

Unlocking your Gizmo(Linksys SPA2102) to plan with ViaTalk

EDIT: Adapted based on feedback. The footfall in adventurous argument is what has been changed.

From :

As promised, actuality are the admonition to unlocking your gizmo(Lynksys SPA-2102 VOIP Router) to plan on ViaTalk's servers.

Footfall 1: Accredit web admission (perform functions on home phone)

1. punch ****

2. punch 723646#

3. punch 78778839#

4. punch 1#

5. punch 1 to save

Footfall 2: Abolish admission restrictions

1. Go to

2. Admission admin for user and 7UprUtew for password

3. Bang on system. Delete the capacity of Restricted Admission Area so that it is blank.

4. Hit Abide all changes.

Footfall 3: Load adapted firmware

1. Go to (or from Linksys support) and download to desktop

2. Adapted bang on zip file, abstract here.

3. Double bang on upg-spa2102-5-1-9.exe

4. Admission for IP hit ok

5. Admission countersign 7UprUtew hit ok

6. Router stats are displayed, hit upgrade.

7. Hit ok to abutting utility.

Footfall 4: Configure Gizmo

1. Go to

2. Admission admin for user and 7UprUtew for password

3. Bang on Line1.

4. Change proxy to the server name provided by viatalk.

5. Change outbound proxy to the server name provided by viatalk.

6. Change affectation name to whatever you wish.

7. Change countersign to the countersign that was provided by viatalk.

8. Set use auth id to yes, and set the auth ID argument acreage to your buzz number.

9. Set user id to your new viatalk buzz number. Don't overlook the '1' at the beginning.

10. Bang abide all changes to save your settings.

11. Bang on provisioning.

12. Delete the capacity of both contour aphorism and advancement aphorism so they are blank.

13. Bang abide all changes to save your settings.

14. Bang on Router.

15. Bang on WAN Setup.

16. Change primary ntp server to aces a altered time server from

17. Change accessory ntp server to (or aces a altered time server from

18. Bang abide all changes to save your settings.

All done. You should see your buzz settings ablaze up.

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Important Notice for Sunrocket Barter Porting To ViaTalk

This was just brought to my absorption in the ViaTalk forums at DSLR:

1. ViaTalk does NOT admission a adjustment to acceptation your Sunrocket acquaintance anniversary (ie, you can't save it off as a CSV book and acceptation it).

2. If you are application the Custom Addition ID affection in ViaTalk for your incoming/outgoing calls, you will admission to re-enter all that advice if/when your SunRocket amount gets ported to ViaTalk.

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Friday, July 20, 2007

Configuring 2 curve with Innomedia MTA6328-2re & Viatalk

From . Apparently the aforementioned could be done for the added Gizmos as well.

Adam Nollmeyer commented on my antecedent column about the 2-line affection offered by Viatalk. I approved it out, and I am animated to abode that I admission a step-by-step adviser on how to get this working.

Afore I alpha - one caveat: for me, bandage 2 seems to yield antecedence over bandage 1. In added words, if anyone calls me, the buzz affiliated to bandage 2 rings, but the buzz affiliated to bandage 1 does not! Aforementioned affair happens for alarm cat-and-mouse - alone bandage 2 gets the call. However, I am able to accomplish calls from both curve simultaneously. This may be a Innomedia issue, but I am not certain.

Anyways, actuality is the step-by-step:

Footfall 1: Accredit bandage 2 on the Sunrocket/Innomedia MTA6328-2re Gizmo.

a) Enabling the 2nd bandage is not accessible via the web interface - it is alone accessible from telnet. Telnet to (in windows, you can do this by traveling to START -> Run. Type in “telnet″ and bang OK)

b) Log in application the username ‘admin’ (all lower-case) and countersign ‘7UprUtew’ (case-sensitive).

c) Type in ‘Mp’ (without quotes, case-sensitive). This advantage will acquiesce you the configure the buzz ports.

d) Chase the on-screen prompts to accredit both the ports. If prompted whether you ambition to save the acceding permanently, baddest ‘y’.

e) Power-cycle the accoutrement by unplugging the adeptness cord, delay 20 seconds, and bung the adeptness bond aback in the gizmo. At this point, your accoutrement should admission both curve up and running.

Footfall 2: Configure the added line

a) Go to and login application ‘admin’ and ‘7UprUtew’ as the username and countersign respectively.

b) From the card bar, go to VoIP -> User Account. For bandage 1, your ‘username’ acquire to be set to your 11-digit buzz amount (starting with country cipher 1). The countersign was beatific to you by viatalk in the activation email. All added fields acquire to be bare (user name, affidavit ID, Hot Buzz number). Baddest ‘No’ for the ‘Use hot buzz number’ option, and ‘Yes’ for the ‘Fax T38′ option. Bang the “Save” button.

c) Echo footfall (b) aloft for bandage 2 and bang the “Save” button.

Footfall 3: Reboot/Reset/Power-cycle everything

a) Adeptness aeon your cable modem

b) Adeptness aeon your accoutrement (If the accoutrement is abaft a router, afresh adeptness aeon the router, afresh the gizmo)

c) Adeptness aeon the buzz affiliated to Bandage 1

d) Adeptness aeon the buzz affiliated to Bandage 2

Now aggregate should be working! Try it out and let me apperceive how it works. One forewarning: For the aboriginal few calls, both my phones were ringing. This affair auto-corrected it cocky afterwards a few calls. So if this happens to you, just delay 10 anniversary or so and try again.


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Gizmo + Grand Central + Accoutrement Project = Chargeless Phone

First, assurance up for the Accoutrement Project at, which is free. That gives you a SIP account, which is the agreement VOIP phones use. Basically, it allows you to babble with added online burning messengers, but it aswell has SIP capabilities.

Then, configure your accoutrement with the Accoutrement Project servers aback the accoutrement uses the SIP agreement to communicate.

Then, configure Grand Central to avant-garde all your calls to your Accoutrement Project account.

Then, configure your Sunrocket anniversary to avant-garde all calls to your Grand Central number.

Now, if humans alarm either your old Sunrocket amount or your new Grand Central number, it goes to your gizmo, which rings your accustomed home phone. All admission calls are free.

If you ambition to accomplish an approachable call, you can either pay $0.019 per minute, or you can do it for chargeless (only during Grand Central's beta period) by traveling to your Grand Central anniversary and abacus anyone to your abode book and beat the "call" button. This makes Grand Central alarm the accepting and calls your buzz to affix the two, so it counts as an admission call. So, you can accomplish all approachable calls for free.

Posted by dmolavi at 8:00 AM 22 comments

Getting BroadVoice set on a sunrocket SPA-2102

Before you do this you will charge to A) accredit ADMIN admission on the Spa, and B) log into the device.

A) from »···1E44F87/

Unlocking a Linksys SPA2102-R

On the Linksys, web admin admission is disabled.

To accredit it, aces up phone, punch * * * * afresh 723646# , if asked for password, punch 78778839# , if asked for amount punch 1# afresh punch 1 to save.

Then, go to » , admission user and password.

If accoutrement abaft router, you aswell charge to accredit admission from WAN ancillary with advantage 7932# . Of course, acting accoutrement WAN abode in aloft URL. To apprehend it, use advantage 110#.

B) Already logged in bang on Admin Login afresh Advanced. Already the page comes aback bang on VOICE afresh LINE 1 (or 2). Images chase (click for abounding size):

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

TeleBlend Update

I'm a man, I can accept if I'm wrong. It appears that TeleBlend is one of the "preferred" providers according to the Sunrocket email. I still acquisition it odd that they don't admission any accumulated advice online, that their area is beneath than a anniversary old, that their TOS is a copy/paste of Sunrocket's, and that their abutment buzz amount is the aforementioned as Sunrocket's.

BUT, aback Sunrocket has alleged them as an alternative, and there are letters on DSLR about success with them, they adeptness not be all angry (just a little evil). Anyway, use them at your own risk. I still acclaim accustomed providers like Vonage, ViaTalk, and others.

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WARNING!!! TeleBlend VoIP Service

DSLReports users admission arise that a aggregation alleged "TeleBlend" has been alleged as one of the "official" Sunrocket replacements. However, a quick attending at their website's WHOIS advice shows that the area was registered just yesterday:


Network Operations

520 E Zarragossa Street

Pensacola, Florida 32502

United States

Registered through:, Inc. (


Created on: 17-Jul-07

Expires on: 18-Jul-09

Last Adapted on: 17-Jul-07

Administrative Contact:

Operations, Arrangement

520 E Zarragossa Street

Pensacola, Florida 32502

United States

(850) 470-5502

Technical Contact:

Operations, Arrangement

520 E Zarragossa Street

Pensacola, Florida 32502

United States

(850) 470-5502

Domain servers in listed order:



Whois Server Adaptation 2.0

Domain names in the .com and .net domains can now be registered

with abounding altered aggressive registrars. Go to

for abundant information.


Registrar: GODADDY.COM, INC.

Whois Server:

Referral URL:



Status: clientDeleteProhibited

Status: clientRenewProhibited

Status: clientTransferProhibited

Status: clientUpdateProhibited

Updated Date: 18-jul-2007

Creation Date: 18-jul-2007

Expiration Date: 18-jul-2009

I would be acutely alert about this aggregation as they just popped up on the VoIP radar. Their SSL certs do not arise to be absolute in Firefox. Even scarier, it appears that they admission the complete SunRocket subscriber database. If you go to the Signup page and admission your number, they've got your name and address. My advice: break away.

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ATS E6501S (sold at Staples) Instructions

Here are the passwords:

Login: user/welcome - Regular user login that changes router settings

Login: tech/kaboom - Authoritative that aswell adds articulation changes

ATS Acceding Location: Articulation > Basic

DID: (New buzz number)

Display Name: (Your best - not needed)

SIP Name: (New buzz number)

SIP Password: (New password)

Proxy Server Address: (New SIP address)

Proxy Server: 5060 (default)

Registrar Server Address: (New SIP address)

Registrar Server Port: 5060 (default)

Registrar Abode of Record: (blank - default)

Registration Retry Interval(s): 60 (default)

Outbound Proxy Address: (Provided by your new provider, adeptness just be the SIP address)

Outbound Proxy Port: 0 (zero - default)

Dial Plan: (Probably safe to leave as-is)

Digit Timer: 5000 (default)

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Using your Accoutrement with added providers

My alone acquaintance actuality has been affective the Innomedia and AC-211 Gizmo's (Linksys is forthcoming) over to ViaTalk. However, I accept that the action should be similar, if not the aforementioned for added providers. They will accommodate you with a buzz number, username, password, SIP server/port, and possibly CODEC information. Chase the instructions actuality and you should be able to use your Accoutrement with just about any provider you want.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

WARNING!!! Chic Action Lawsuit Page

There is a column on with a hotlink to a SunRocket Chic Action Lawsuit page. The page is allegedly "maintained by the law abutting administration the chic action", about they do not analyze themselves anywhere on the page. Further, the WHOIS locator for the area reveals an bearding (private) registration:


Domains by Proxy, Inc.

15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353

Scottsdale, Arizona 85260

United States

Registered through:, Inc. (»


Created on: 17-Jul-07

Expires on: 17-Jul-08

Last Adapted on: 17-Jul-07

Administrative Contact:

Private, Allotment

Domains by Proxy, Inc.

15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353

Scottsdale, Arizona 85260

United States

(480) 624-2599 Fax -- (480) 624-2599

Technical Contact:

Private, Allotment

Domains by Proxy, Inc.

15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353

Scottsdale, Arizona 85260

United States

(480) 624-2599 Fax -- (480) 624-2599

Domain servers in listed order:



Registry Status: clientRenewProhibited

Registry Status: clientTransferProhibited

Registry Status: clientUpdateProhibited

Registry Status: clientDeleteProhibited

The signup anatomy requests your email address, SunRocket anniversary number, and added acute claimed identification material. My advocacy at this point is to not accord any advice to this site, as the operators are unknown.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Unlocking a Linksys SPA2102-R

On the Linksys, web admin admission is disabled.

To accredit it, aces up phone, punch * * * * afresh 723646# , if asked for

password, punch 78778839# , if asked for amount punch 1# afresh punch 1 to


Then, go to » , admission user and password.

If accoutrement abaft router, you aswell charge to accredit admission from WAN side

with advantage 7932# . Of course, acting accoutrement WAN abode in above

URL. To apprehend it, use advantage 110#

Do NOT do a branch reset.

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Innomedia for ViaTalk


Abstract your WAN anchorage from the gizmo

Accessible your browser (I acclimated IE - cannot verify if it will plan with any added browser). Go to » - the IP Abode will verify if you afflicted the absence settings in the gizmo. If so, use that address, but DO NOT FORGET the /Voice_adminPage.htm at the end.

Login application your admin password. If you do not apperceive the password, try one accessible at »

About-face off accessories if you admission not done this already. To do this, go to NETWORK -> Accessories setting. Uncheck the "Enable Provisioning" box and hit the "Save and Reboot" button. Afterwards rebooting, you may not be able to login to the admin anniversary aback the reboot will absence to index.htm. Hit CANCEL, and go to » to login.

Go to VOIP -> SIP Proxy and admission these settings:

SIP Proxy - Admission absolutely what was beatific in your email from ViaTalk. Abolish any whitespaces at the end.

Analysis "Use Outbound Proxy" box

SIP Bounded Signaling Port: 5060

SIP Domain:

Allotment Expiration time: 60

Preferred Codecs List: PCMU/8000

Choose "NONE" for all others.

Bang "Save" button.

Go to VOIP -> User Account.

Choose Bandage 1 from dropdown

User ID: Your 11-digit buzz amount from email (starting with country cipher 1)

Password: From email

User Name: Aforementioned as User ID above

Affidavit ID:

Use Hot Buzz Number: NO

Hot Buzz Number:

Use T38 FAX: Yes

Bang "Save" button

Reboot your cable/dsl modem, afresh reboot your gizmo, and power-cycle your buzz (if it is a powered phone). ENJOY!!

Check beneath the "information" to see if bandage 1 is registered

Note that if the anchorage of your SR amount to ViaTalk is complete, you'll charge to use your SR amount in abode of your ViaTalk amount in these configs.

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ViaTalk SUCCESS!! (AC-211)

I got my new (temporary) ViaTalk number, apart my AC-211, and put in their info. I've got my SR amount forwarding to my ViaTalk number, so I don't admission to accord out the acting amount for the continuance of the porting period. For those of you who are application the AC-211, actuality are the settings you need:

Beneath the "SIP" menu, use whatever server they accord you as the primary server, anchorage 5060.

For the Bandage 1 admission on the SIP screen:

The User/Phone amount AND Affidavit Name are the buzz ViaTalk gives you.

The countersign is the one ViaTalk gives you.

Next, bang the "Line 1" tab.

Change "Send out of bandage blast events" to RFC 2833. Payload amount is 101. Do this for the Bandage 2 tab as well.

Next, bang the CODECS menu.

For both lines, use G711U.

Oh, and attenuate autoconfiguration

Note that if the anchorage of your SR amount to ViaTalk is complete, you'll charge to use your SR amount in abode of your ViaTalk amount in these configs.

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Innomedia Accoutrement bricked? Try this!

First a abnegation - I admission NOT approved this, but begin this advice on - I angry off accessories endure night if the u7... countersign was working. Try this and see if it works. Amuse bethink - DO NOT STAY CONNECTED ON THE NET if you do this until you admission angry off accessories on your innomedia.

Sorry, I do not admission analogous advice for the Linksys and SPA adapters... if anyone does, amuse column it in this thread.

Here are some instructions for ambience up an InnoMedia accoutrement manually, from scratch, in this case application a server on an alternating port.

1. Unplug cable from accoutrement WAN anchorage (so you are broken from Internet).

2. With PC affiliated to accoutrement LAN port, go to » , log in with user and welcome.

3. Accessible this URL: » ; afterwards about 15 abnormal you should see a bulletin about displace to defaults. Delay addition 30 seconds.

4. Abutting browser window. At this point your accoutrement should be in the aforementioned accompaniment as if SR aboriginal alien it to you.

5. Accessible a new browser window, go to » (do not accessible accoutrement home page first).

6. If prompted for password, use user: admin and password: slapshot

7. Go to IP Network->Provisioning Setting. Uncheck Accredit Provisioning. Bang Save & Reboot. Bang OK to warning.

8. If prompted, log in afresh with admin and slapshot . If you admission trouble, abutting window, accessible another, go to »

9. Gp to IP Network->Interface Setting. Re-enter your changeless IP or PPPoE information, if needed. Bang Save & Reboot. Bang ok to warning.

10. Reconnect accoutrement WAN cable. WAN ablaze should arise on, and your Internet affiliation should be alive again. Of course, VoIP will still be out.

11. Log into accoutrement afresh as admin. Go to VoIP->SIP Proxy. SIP Proxy will appearance as ; change to

12. In Preferred CODECs List, change 2nd admission from G729A/8000 to NONE. Bang Save; Bang OK to warning.

13. Go to VoIP->User Account. Admission your abstracts for User ID, User Password, Confirm Password, User Name, Affidavit ID.

Note: User ID and User Name are your 10-digit SR Buzz number. Affidavit ID is 15 digits. Countersign is 24 characters. The quotes are not allotment of the password, but the two according signs at the end are. You should adhesive this abstracts into both the User Countersign and the Confirm Countersign fields, as entering it manually is actual absurdity prone.

14. Set Accredit T38 FAX to No. Bang Save. Bang OK to warning.

15. Go to Management->Reboot. Bang OK to warning.

16. With luck, you should get a VoIP ablaze aural one minute.

Notes to added users who may try this:

If your SIP countersign contains one or added + characters, there is a bug that prevents you from entering it via the Inno web interface; use telnet instead (Cu command).

If you are in the US, agenda that this bureaucracy will not accept updates from SR; your anniversary may stop alive if a analytical amend is pushed, until you accomplish it manually. Be abiding that you admission a reliable alternating agency of authoritative an emergency call.

(Thanks to

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Master countersign for ALL Gizmos

If you admission the Innomedia and can't get this to work, try this link.

According to a acclaimed source:

For all 3 gizmos:

1-- AC-211, AC-211n

2-- INNOMEDIA (MTA-6329, MTA-6329re)

3-- LINKSYS (SPA-2102)

the adept logins are:

USER: admin


If the login awning doesn't ask for a username (like the AC-211), just ascribe the password.

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Another accessible AC-211 Admin password

Try one of these for your AC-211 (maybe AC-211n, too):




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Monday, July 16, 2007

Crap, the Yellow Bird Bit the Dust

Use the programs actuality to able your passwords, or try these:

User: admin

Password: 7UprUtew

Once you alleviate your Gizmo, you can yield it to ViaTalk and use the BYOD plan to abstain the activation fees.

Posted by dmolavi at 9:17 PM 11 comments

Thursday, February 08, 2007

By Popular Demand, the Able Programs

There admission been so abounding requests, I'm traveling to column the files that you charge to able the admin passwords on the AC-211-N and AC-211-SR.

The aboriginal affairs you charge to run is the AC-211 Crack, afresh ascribe the amount it finds into the CRC16 Search. Together, they will accord you the accepted admin countersign of your AC-211-SR/N Gizmo.

I did not actualize these programs, and I will not be captivated accountable for any problems acquired by application them.

Here they are:

*Edit - Thanks to Jeff in Kalamazoo for acrimonious up that I had the affairs beheading adjustment reversed.

Posted by dmolavi at 3:01 PM 21 comments

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Firmware! Get Your Firmware Here!!

As I categorical below, one of the abounding advantages of accepting the admin countersign to your Accoutrement is the adeptness to upload new firmware.

For the AC-211-SR, the a lot of accepted adaptation is 4.62.14 (both APP and LDR). For the Innomedia, it's 3.0.77.

The links are below, and remember, use with caution:

For the AC-211-SR, you charge both APP and LDR. Download LDR to the Accoutrement first, afresh reset, afresh download APP, afresh displace again.

AC-211-SR 4.62.14 APP

AC-211-SR 4.62.14 LDR

Innomedia 3.0.77

I don't apperceive if the AC-211-SR firmware will action in the AC-211-N. Try analytic on or afore attempting this.

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Friday, November 10, 2006

Why you (might) charge the ambassador password

Some humans admission been allurement what allowances there are to accepting the ambassador countersign to their Gizmo. Truth be told, if you're a normal, accustomed user, you apparently don't charge it, unless you're analytical about the close apparatus of your Gizmo.

But, if you're a "power user", if you've larboard Sunrocket to go with addition provider and you ambition to alleviate your Gizmo, you will charge it. Some of the things that can be done with the ambassador countersign are:

Edit your SIP settings, advantageous if you're affective to addition VoIP provider.

Change your punch plan, advantageous if you ambition to alter 411 with 1-800-FREE411.

Upgrading your Gizmo's firmware. Maybe you've got alarm superior issues, and admission apprehend on or that a firmware advancement will break them.

Accredit or attenuate CODECs.

Abounding others...

Remember, alteration settings afterwards alive what they do can cede your Accoutrement a brick, so do so with caution.

One important tip: If you've gone into your Accoutrement and tweaked some settings, accomplish abiding you about-face off autoconfiguration. Otherwise, your settings will be absent the next time the Accoutrement "phones home", and you may aswell lose ambassador admission if Sunrocket chooses to change the ambassador password.

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Important Notice

This will be adapted as the charge arises. If you admission new or adapted passwords for the assorted Gizmos that are out there, amuse let us know. Agenda that we don't disregard the abusage or corruption of authoritative admission to the Gizmo, and we will not be captivated accountable for any accident that may be acquired by application the passwords presented here. Use at your own risk. These passwords are accepted as of the date of their publication.

That said, I've been a Sunrocket VoIP chump for 1 year now, and adulation it. I've renewed for 2 added years, and plan on befitting their anniversary as my primary domiciliary phone.

Mail Voice


Mail Voice

Sun Rocket – Did They Getcha?

August 27, 2011 – 9:59 am

SunRocket has accustomed themselves as the “No Gotcha” buzz abutting for in fact a continued time now. But what SunRocket is attempting to do to absolute barter is absolutely deceitful, arguable and fraudulent!

If you are a of SunRocket’s barter that was affianced a Chargeless added buzz amount Bounded or AnyWhere Amount – “With SunRocket’s Anniversary or Annual All-Inclusive Service, you admission a Domiciliary Amount and your alternative of Signature Amount automatically included!” SunRocket goes on to say “Or with SunRocket’s Limited Edition Plan, you admission the advantage to access added amount for usually $3.00/month.”

SunRocket done it absolutely clear, any accepting that closed up is to All-Inclusive anniversary receives a Domiciliary amount and also a Chargeless added buzz amount {Local or Anywhere signature number}. Any added signature abstracts would be answerable $3.00 per month. Fair enough, elementary to understand!

Any SunRocket angel that closed up is to Limited book outline would yield a Domiciliary amount only, and if they admired to yield a signature bounded or wherever amount would be answerable an added $3.00 per month. Afresh elementary to understand, if you’re on the paltry book outline and had a signature amount added, afresh you were already assisting the added $3.00 per month. Annihilation lost, annihilation gained.

It’s the All-inclusive barter that are accepting the missile from SunRocket myself included. The arch acumen we apoplectic to go with SunRocket is we adherent them, afterwards all they told us they were the “no antic buzz company” they mentioned “no aphotic charges” “What you see is what you pay.” It was all there on the website, solid as day. we was taken in by all the hype!

In Dec. 2005, we apoplectic to go with SunRocket and the All-inclusive anniversary annual for $199 per year, and shut to that 1st years end, SunRocket ran a advance acquirement 1 year admission the 2nd year free, so we alleged SunRocket and asked the CSR if it was the aforementioned All-inclusive anniversary that we already had, she absolute me that all will layover the aforementioned and we would not abolish day-tripper ID, voicemail etc. annihilation would change. we mentioned ok accomplished and paid that $199 that agency I’m all pre-paid alcove the accomplishment of December 2008.

SunRocket’s Artful Email May 23rd 2007 below:

Thank you for accepting such a connected SunRocket member. We are article you currently apropos the address abstracts aloof to your account.

From our records, we see that you admission been utilizing our Signature Amount service, that allows you to admission added than a address amount accompanying with your account. We achievement you are adequate the affluence of use of accepting added address abstracts to accord to friends, ancestors and colleagues.

Until recently, we ran an diffuse audition time during that we did not accredit the annual amount for Signature Numbers. However, starting with your July 2007 invoice, we will alpha charging the acclimatized $3.00/month amount for anniversary Signature Amount on your anniversary – i.e. for anniversary address amount on your anniversary in add-on to your main, abode address number.

If you no best acquaint to apparatus your Signature Number(s), you adeptness abolish these address abstracts from your anniversary by accessing the Affiliate Anniversary Manager application your email approval and password. Choose the My Anniversary tab and afresh baddest the Abolish Buzz Amount alternative from the card on the left-hand ancillary of the page. From there, you can artlessly baddest the address number(s) you acquaint to remove.

Upon acute the Abolish attribute your Signature Number(s) will be clandestine from your anniversary and deactivated for approaching use. If you baddest to abolish a few address abstracts from your account, and afterwards that accost that SunRocket access address abstracts aback to your account, you will alpha adage a annual amount of $4.99 per Signature Amount instead of the Introductory Amount of $3.00/month currently offered.

Please note, if you do not baddest to abolish a address amount by July 2007, afresh your SunRocket analysis will alpha to cover a $3.00/month amount for anniversary Signature Amount on your account.

Thank you already afresh for selecting SunRocket, we acutely achieve your business.


SunRocket Affiliate Services

sun amplitude base signature buzz number

The “No Gotcha” buzz company? Yea right! Now how abounding of you at the time of acquirement of the All-inclusive anniversary were told they would yield a Chargeless Extra Buzz Number/Signature Number, drag your hands? Ok everybody just as we thought.

Thanks to the Internet Annal WayBackMachine we can acknowledgment and attending at SunRocket’s websites at your time of purchase. The athenaeum shows the alpha of SunRocket’s website from Oct. 14, 2004 up to April 27, 2006. In the athenaeum boilerplate and we echo boilerplate does it say SunRocket was accustomed out any diffuse audition time on our betrayal added buzz number/signature number.

Also the cast of that arguable email is an insult to all our intelligence, SunRocket is abstract to announce that we should be anytime so beholden for that apparent diffuse audition period? Oh acknowledge you, acknowledge you SunRocket for adumbration us we would admission a betrayal buzz amount forth with our abode number, and afresh as we mentioned advanced {Making it up as you go} mission it a audition period. How accessible for SunRocket!!

Now we can appreciate if SunRocket longed for to drag their ante {No problem} I’m pre-paid until Dec. 2008, as I’m assertive abounding barter admission already pre-paid service. So it would not affect us until our administration is up. we can also appreciate if SunRocket no best longed for to accord out betrayal added buzz numbers/signature abstracts to new barter starting on that July 1, 2007, but we calm with abounding SunRocket barter out there appraise this affected by traveling aback on the deal. As continued as we never abstract that betrayal added buzz amount should consistently be ours.

As Judge Judy already said: “Don’t piss on my leg and altercate it me its raining”

National Geographic Allocution Abroad Sim,1070 International Sim Agenda National Geographic Allocution Abroad Sim,1070 International Sim Card

Buy new $79.00 $49.00

Tv Ears 10341 2.3 Arrangement Wireless Headset Arrangement (blue) Tv Ears 10341 2.3 Arrangement Wireless Headset Arrangement (blue)

Buy new $99.95 $74.03

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