Is Your Yellow Pages Ad Putting Cash in Your Pocket... or Sucking Cash Out?

Is Your Yellow Pages Ad Putting Cash in Your Pocket... or Sucking Cash Out?
Is Your Yellow Pages Ad Putting Cash in Your Pocket... or Sucking Cash Out?

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Is Your Yellow Pages Ad Putting Cash in Your Pocket... or Sucking Cash Out?

by: Alan Saltz

Any idea? It’s a catechism that added than a few Yellow Page advertisers ponder. If you are currently spending money every ages to run an ad in your bounded directory, you don’t wish to battle with that question. You wish to apperceive that your investment is breeding a constant breeze of new audience to your business. So what can you do to aerate allotment and stop worrying?

First of all, apperceive this—Yellow Pages Advertising has absurd potential. As a business owner, you accept few added means to ability affairs who are as targeted, and accessible to buy as these. But naturally… your success depends on the superior of your ad. And if it comes to ad content, far too abounding advertisers are absolutely simply… lost.

“The baking commodity of the Advice Age? Why that would be the Yellow Pages… It’s like cutting angle in a barrel.”

Fortune July, 2003

There are few places to turn. It makes for an abhorrent bearings for the honest businessperson aggravating to accouter the amazing abeyant of such a altogether targeted medium. And so, a lot of advertisers await on the Yellow Pages architecture department, who, as it turns out, advance a lot of of the ads in their directory.

It’s harder to differentiate your aggregation if that’s the case, don’t you think?

That bearings doesn’t charge to be one that you acquisition yourself in. While abounding advertisers abort to advance an ad that draws a able response, it’s not abnormally difficult to do. In fact, the basal mistakes that “riddle” just about every accountable branch accommodate a absurd befalling for the business buyer that does his homework. If you’re account this article, you’re accomplishing your homework.

“How appear we still accept the Yellow Pages? They Work. You don’t go to the Yellow Pages and attending up pizza unless you’re planning to adjustment pizza.”

Fortune July, 2003

What Yellow Page success boils down to is ad content. Not color. Not able design. Sure, those things amount too; but they are boilerplate abreast as important as the words you use to ample your ad. People axis to the Yellow Pages accept already bent that they charge you. They just charge to apperceive whether they should alarm aggregation A, B, or C.

Their best doesn’t depend so abundant on blush or design, as it depends on what you action that your competitors don’t” the behavior you authority yourself to that accord consumers acceptance in you and your business.

Here is a point you charge to understand… Listing the cast names you backpack and the “laundry list” of articles or casework you action don’t body credibility. They don’t set you afar from your competitors who action the aforementioned thing!

Plenty of added things do. And affairs are you embrace those behavior and those hassle, and accident removing, motivators already. You apparently do absolutely a bit for your audience that accomplish their lives easier, added lucrative, added pleasant, and so on. You apparently accept believability boosters that you’ve never advised including.

And that is because you may not apprehend the ability they accept in affective an acquisitive anticipation to act. Iron-clad guarantees… chump testimonials… rock-solid offers for new customers… a banderole that goes able-bodied aloft your logo and aggregation name; these are things that plan wonders in a targeted, ready-to-buy average such as the Yellow Pages.

Since so abounding of your competitors are absorption on their aggregation name and their laundry account of articles and services, the archetype believability aloft will differentiate you! They accord you the believability that your antagonism acceptable lacks, and they accomplish a able case for abounding a anticipation to accept you with confidence. That’s what the Yellow Pages are all about, right?!

About The Author

Alan Saltz, the author, teaches Yellow Pages Advertisers how to addition their acknowledgment and acknowledgment on investment, application simple, but acutely able techniques. To apprentice added about how to advance your own Yellow Pages ad, visit:

This commodity was acquaint on November 22, 2004

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Is Your Yellow Pages Ad Putting Cash in Your Pocket... or Sucking Cash Out?
Is Your Yellow Pages Ad Putting Cash in Your Pocket... or Sucking Cash Out?